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842 East Ohio Street
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842 East Ohio Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212


Testimonial Overview

I want to thank each of your workers for arriving at my home so promptly.  They did a great job in getting rid of my nastly ants.  They were everywhere and I was just about going out of mind with worry.  I never realized how devasting these tiny creatures could be. 

Today, my home is back to normal and I want to thank you for getting the job done. 

Marlena H     Pittsburgh, PA 15228

Recently I was informed by the home inspection company that my rental property had termites.  I was totally devasted.  My dream of remodeling and selling the house was completely shattered. 

I immediately called you after finding your company online. I'm so glad I did because now my problem is over thanks to each of your hardworking men.

I recommend Sani Products (Bugmuggers) to anyone who is need of pest control.   

Charles S     Pittsburgh, PA 15234

Belated thank you for getting George out to my house to take care of my carpenter ants.  George is a great guy and  he did a good job.  My wife had surgery the following week and is still in rehab for her knee restoration.  My daughter came in from Minneapolis with her seven month old daughter to be with my wife during her surgery and I didn't want any carpenter ants around the house!   So far so good.  Again, thanks a lot for your response and George's effort.  

Ray G     Pittsburgh, PA 15222

We haven't seen one carpenter ant since your last visit.  Thanks to you finding the problem, you probably saved our kitchen ceiling.  Thank you so much for your help!

Virginia and Dick C     Pittsburgh, PA 15201

George & Bob, Thank you so much for the great job you did at my house! The Carpenter Ants are gone!

Pat B     Pittsburgh, PA 15237

I wanted  to let you know how happy I am with Gino.  He came right away, checked the whole house and even the attic.  He is so very pleasant and wouldn't hesitate to let him come in my home when I'm away.  I am very happy with the work that he did and I'm glad my rodent problem is finally gone!

Marlene N     Mt Lebanon, PA 15243

Thank you for coming to our home.  We really appreciate your time and advice with our mice situation.  I'm glad Gene referred you!

Maureen M     Pittsburgh, PA 15243

All of us at Crafton Plaza would like to thank you for your informative talk on bug prevention.  You made an uncomfortable topic interesting.  

Thank you, Crafton Plaza!

Joan, Tim, Tom     Crafton, PA

It is such a pleasure to call your company and deal with real people.. good people.  A pleasure to get a human response and not have to "Dial one for English".  

John T     Pittsburgh, PA

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Phone: 412-322-5900
842 East Ohio Street
Pittsburgh, PA
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