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Local Search doesn’t just drive customer behavior and purchasing decisions. Local SEO makes your business:

Easy to Find

Search for “best Italian Restaurant near me” and what do you find? A listing of Italian eateries that may or may not serve the best food, but these restaurants are using Local SEO to attract customers. And just like traditional SEO results, the places that come up first are the ones that hungry customers will consider and patronize. Plus, more than 2/3 of people who looked for a local business on their smartphone or computer will visit a store within five miles.

Reputable and Researchable

Local search listings include a map, pictures, a phone number, daily business hours, the address, directions, a website link, upcoming events, popular times, and reviews. If a customer has never been to your store or business, they can still get an accurate idea of your product or service and discover what others have to say about it. It’s an encounter that influences potential customers of any age.

More Marketable

With a majority of customers using reviews to determine their purchase plans, Local SEO offers potential customers the ability to quickly buy and try, then review and share on social media. Local searches mean that someone is ready to buy, eat, relax, or explore where your business resides. These people want to spend their money with you. You have to be sure that your business is easy to find and has correct information, excellent reviews, and a responsive website.

Business Spotlight


Through integration of multiple modules and your consistent activity, our program helps invite search engines to re-index your site more frequently.

Website Activity & Integration

Through integration of multiple modules and your consistent activity, our program helps invite search engines to re-index your site more frequently. Publishers, like Google, want activity and new content to rank you online. Our program gives you the ability to provide Google with what they want, as well as integration of web tools your website needs, to help win new clients.

Designed For Customers

When people are looking for a local product or service, they want it now. The website layout is designed to give customers the information they need, to choose your business or product immediately – phone number, map, hours and specific information about what you offer.

Mobile Technology

Over 55% of local searches on the Internet are conducted from Mobile Devices. Search Magnet Local includes a Mobile Website with marketing technology that helps promote your business.

Online Credibility

A good online reputation is critical. Our modules, such as Online Reviews, Testimonials, and highlighted business overviews, will provide invaluable long-term results for your continued strong online credibility.

Social Media

Our program allows for the Integration of Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and more. Allow us to set up your businesses Facebook Fan Page, Twitter and other social spaces your business needs to stay competitive. Online users spend more time on Facebook today then on Google.

Tracking & Statistics

Our system provides you cutting edge tracking, including visits to your website, form submissions, mobile website stats, Facebook, keywords used, and much more. New technology can be added for tracking and recording phone calls (on average, 70% of website conversions happen through a phone call).

Coupons Schedular

This module allows you to create coupons and specials that easily display on your Search Magnet Local™ Business Listing. The system includes a javascript code which you can place on your primary website. The system allows you to schedule in advance when the coupons will display based on start date and then a stop date.

Gallery Module

This module allows you to upload images to display on your Search Magnet Local™ Business Listing. It includes an automatic slideshow, thumbnails of the images, titles of the images and a section to write an overview describing the image. We also include java code that allows you to display a gallery onto your primary website, as well.

Blog System

This module allows you to post press releases to your Search Magnet Local™ Business Listing. These are then reviewed by our team and, if appropriate, published to over 30 RSS news feeds. The press releases also include a code that allows you to display your press releases on your primary website!

Reviews System

This module allows for your clients and customers to post reviews on your products and services. The module allows for you to make comments on reviews, and the reviews are then submitted to Google to either be turned on or off as required..

Testimonials Module

This module allows for you or your clients to add testimonials to your website. Each testimonial submitted via your Search Magnet Local™ Business Listing requires your approval before it is displayed. The module also comes with code that allows you to display your testimonials on your primary website as well.

Directory Submissions

As part of your program we submit you to approximately 210 of the Top Business Directories, GPS Navigations Systems, News /Feed and Directory 411 Services.

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