Copyright Infringement Policy

Search Magnet Local™, owned and operated by, Higher Images, Inc is committed to protecting the intellectual property of third parties. On this page, rights holders will find information regarding how to report copyright and other intellectual property infringements by businesses posting content to their Search Magnet Local™ site and the policy pertaining to businesses posting copyright material.

Search Magnet Local™ does not monitor for violations of copyright law or illegal file uploads. However, we are obligated under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to act when we are properly notified that a violation has occurred on our servers.

It is for this reason that we:

All Business Clients of Search Magnet Local® are responsible for the content on their listings. Higher Images, Inc reserves the right to remove all copyright material that is discovered on their listing.

If you are a business concerned about the removal of your content, you may file a counter-notice. You can do so through the email notification you received, or in the warning at the top of your Search Magnet Local™ page.

How to report claims of copyright infringement by users.

To report a copyright infringement by a Search Magnet Local™ business, all you need to do is fill out our automated DMCA form. This form is the fastest way to report a copyright infringement.

Click Here for DMCA Copyright Infringement Notification Form

If you prefer, you can also send a DMCA notice to our designated agent (information below). How to report other claims of intellectual property infringement by users

If you wish to report other claims of intellectual property infringement (i.e. non-copyright) by a Search Magnet Local™ business, all you need to do is fill out our automated IP infringement form.

To Contact us Through Mail:

Higher Images Inc Designated Agent 300 Bursca Drive | Suite 301 Bridgeville, PA 15017

How to Appeal Claims of Copyright Infringement

Search Magnet Local™ respects the copyrights of others, and we prohibit users from uploading, posting or otherwise transmitting on the Search Magnet Local™ profile website any materials that violate another party's copyrights. Among other things, this means that we remove content that is reported to us pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (17 U.S.C. § 512), also known as the DMCA.

However, while Search Magnet Local™ does not tolerate copyright infringement, we also do not tolerate false claims of infringement. If you believe that content that you posted on the site was removed by mistake, you can file a DMCA counter-notice by using our counter-notice form. So long as everything appears to be in order with your counter-notice, we will forward it to the complaining rights owner. The DMCA then allows us to restore your content if the rights owner does not file a court action against you within 10 business days of receiving the copy of your counter-notice.

Please be aware that the DMCA makes users liable for materially misrepresenting in a counter-notice that their content was removed by mistake. Therefore, if you are not confident of your claims, we suggest you seek legal advice before filing a DMCA counter-notice with us.