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842 East Ohio Street
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Gallery Overview

View photos within our Gallery of certain pests that can cause damage to your health, your
home and office.

We are in the process of compiling more photos and descriptions for your review.


Home or Workplace

Once your home or office gets plagued by pests, your everyday normal family life becomes totally disrupted.  You and your co-workers, your family members including pets can either be bitten or stung!  These annoying creatures can be a health risk because many of them carry disease.  Your house and property can be damaged as well.

If you happen to be experiencing a pest problem with termites, carpenter ants, stinging insects, or any type of pest, you need to call us -- The  Pest Control Specialists at Sani-Products Pest Management.

We are known for acting promptly to inspect your home then develop a plan that is specifically designed to solve your particular problem.

We will immediately perform a  thorough inspection conducted by a Sani-Products Technician.  


Even though Ants are needed to a degree within our environment, they definitely are not welcomed within our home or workplace. 

There are a variety of ants that have a variety of bad effects within our home or office.  Carpenter Ants can actually cause quite a bit of damage to woodwork.  There are also such creatures called sugar or pavement ants that can wreck havoc within our cupboards destroying our food


Current research in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology claims that antibodies within cockroaches actually increase our risk of acquiring hay fever as well as eczema in our  young children.


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