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1725 Washington Road
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I'd like to thank Dr. Greg and his staff for making my trip to the dentist a pleasant experience recently.  I hadn't been to one for quite some time.  I needed to get up enough nerve to do so.  My friend mentioned Dr. Greg to me one evening.  It happened to be one month before my son's wedding.  We were discussing looking our best and the subject of teeth whitening came up.  I had previously been a smoker years before and I still saw some yellow that made me concerned.  I commented on how beautiful my friend's smile is.  She progressed to tell me about Dr. Greg. 

Now after my teeth whitening at his office, I became a new person.  No more do I hold back a smile!  The wedding was beautiful and people commented on how young I looked.  They couldn't exactly pinpoint why, but I looked somewhat different than the last time they saw me. 

If you are concerned about the way you look a beautiful white smile will do the trick!  Don't put it off one more day -- visit Dr. Greg.  Ask about his teeth whitening procedure.  You won't regret it! 

Joleen J.     Upper St. Clair, PA 15241


Thank you Dr. Greg for giving me my smile back!  Last year I noticed my gums looked terrible.  In fact, one day at lunch my co-workers and I were sitting talking and laughing.  All of a sudden, each gave me a very strange look.  Here I was laughing and my gums were bleeding showing off all that red blood! 

I was totally embarrassed and vowed right there and then that I was going to a Dentist finally!  I was too ashamed even to ask anyone to recommend one to me so I went online.  After doing my homework, Dr. Greg was the perfect choice.  Thanks to you, Dr. Greg my gum disease was not the end of the world for me. 

Currently, I enjoy meals without worrying about blood gushing through my smile.  You gave me my beautiful smile back! 

Arla C     Mt. Lebanon, PA 15228

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