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323 S. Main St.
Mooreland, OK 73852
323 S. Main St.
Mooreland, OK 73852


Testimonial Overview

My building is now the only liquor store in town that has no leaks whatsoever and no mold or mildew smell.  I am very happy with my DuroLast roof and the crew who installed it. 

Mary Ann B.     Shattuck, OK 73858

We had Moores Roofing put on a new roof as the old one had seen it's time.  Moores crew were all professional and very polite.  They cleaned up everything before they left and we really love the roof.  Now we don't have to worry about leaks and strong winds.  Great job, guys!

John W.     Fairview, TX 76078

We had Moores Roofing doe a few repairs on our roof and was surjprised at the quality of the work.  They did a nice job and were very diligent to clean up after the job.  The guys did not interupt our schedules at all.  If it were not for the pounding, we would not know they were here.  Very professional crew.

Craig J.     Gage, OK 73843

hired a roofing contractor to do our company's roof and they were Moore's Roofing.  They did an impeccable job and we are very pleased.  We want to refer them out because of their professionalism and workmanship.  The team was very efficient and the roof is great. 

T.J. Caiber     Laverne, OK 73848

We called Moore's Roofing for a free estimate and they came out. This was our 3rd estimate and we went with them because of the quality of the product we were getting, their price was a fair one and my neighbor recommended them.

Tom R.     Canton, OK 73724

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