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51 Wendover Road
New York City, NY 11375
51 Wendover Road
New York City, NY 11375


Testimonial Overview

Since becominig involved with Cosmetic Medical Partners, they have helped my global business tremendously with the development and management. I was also introduced to a financing program that helped a great deal as well.

Russell S     United States

If you are starting a business, I recommend Cosmetic Medical Partners. Their expertise is worth knowing. You will not be disappointed if you hire them.

Ron R     Costa Rica, Central America

I am a doctor specializing in cosmetic surgery and and dreamed of opening a huge center. After meeting with Cosmetic Medical Partners, I began to envision my dream as a reality. After 5 years and much success I must thank CMP for all their hard work in helping me achieve such success.

Ricardo C     Puerto Rico

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Phone: 718-268-6060
51 Wendover Road
New York City, NY
11375, US

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