World Leader in Hair Transplants Appoints European General Manager

December 10, 2008 - Nu/Hart Hair Clinics, a world leader in hair restoration, has announced the appointment of Salvar as their General Manager for European Operations.

Nu/Hart operates ten hair transplant centers in the U.S. and overseas including Pittsburgh, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Manila, Philippines, Hong Kong and Warsaw, Poland. Mr. Salvar would be responsible for developing centers in London, U.K., Spain, Portugal, and other European markets. He has over ten years of international business experience including the development of entrepreneurial ventures in Europe. He holds an M.B.A. He himself underwent a hair transplant procedure which motivated him to enter the business. According to Kathy Smith, President of Nu/Hart, "Considering the success of our international operations, we are proud to announce our expansion into Europe to meet the growing demand for hair restoration on the continent."

Nu/Hart has been in existence for over 18 years and its 16 physicians have performed over 30,000 hair restoration procedures on clients from nearly 50 countries with excellent results. Before/after pictures of some clients can be found on Nu/Hart’s web site at In addition to a multi-lingual web site, Nu/Hart has multi-lingual physicians and staff who speak English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Arabic, Persian, Polish, Tagalog, Russian, Portuguese, Hindi, Urdu, Hungarian, and other foreign languages. According to Mac Fadra, a principal of Cosmetic Medical Partners and a veteran in the cosmetic medical management and elective health care field who is also a Director of Nu/Hart, "Nu/Hart is poised to attain a position as the leading player in the global hair transplant market. Nu/Hart has developed regional management capabilities in the Gulf region, South-east Asia and is now duplicating the same in Europe and India." Nu/Hart offers free personalized consultations as well as detailed information over the phone on hair transplantation. Call 1-800-776-7775 in the U.S. or email us to schedule a FREE Consultation or visit a Nu/Hart center near you.

About Nu/Hart -- Nu/Hart is a world renowned hair transplant clinic that has performed over 25,000 individual hair restoration procedures on client from over 40 countries. It has hair transplant centers worldwide, including clinics in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, San Juan, Dubai, Manila, and Hong Kong.