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119 Ormsby Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15210
119 Ormsby Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15210


Testimonial Overview

I have been so pleased with Mike and his landscaping work. I have hired several companies throughout the years and no one has come close to Mike's work.

Jen S     Mt Oliver, PA 15210

My husband actually hired Mike after I gave him a hard time. I didn't think we needed to hire anyone. Well after seeing Mike's work I admitted I was wrong. He's done a fantastic job and we get lots of complements.

Mary T     Mt Oliver, PA 15210

I recently moved into a new home. I have an acre of land. I almost regretted moving here because gardening is not my expertise. My neighbor told me about Mike and that quite a few people use his services. She took me around one day and showed me some of his work. I was pretty impressed with his talent and I called him that night. He's doing a great job on my property. It looks great!

Tracie F     Mt Lebanon, PA 15228

I spent all last week on the phone practically trying to find a good landscaper. I couldn't believe how many didn't even call me back. My father remembered someone he used back in 2000 for a property he owned. He remembered the name Mike but not the name of the company. I said could it be -- Mikes Landscaping and it was! When I called him, he actually answered the phone. I hired him on the spot. Mike is such a hard worker and very talented. I'm always getting compliments on my yard. I definitely recommend Mike for all your landscaping needs.

Caroline R     Brookline, PA 15226

Pittsburgh Drain Guys put in a french drain for us and did an outstanding job. We no longer have a water build up at the side of our building. He finished the job and it looks great. Can't even tell he did digging. He is a Professional that knows his craft.

Robert H.     Pittsburgh 15220

Pittsburgh Drain guys put in retaining walls with a french drain behind it. They did a great job and left the area spotless. Good Guys. Professional.

John & Amy P.     Castle Shannon, PA 15234

Pittsburgh Drain Guys put a beautiful retaining wall in our backyard with the French drain behind it. He did this in steps and landscaped the whole area. It gives us a place to go out and sit and be with nature. My wife loves feeding the birds and squirrels out there. It was a great investment and we gained property value. Mike was professional and did an outstanding job.

Sean P.     Bethel Park, PA 15102

Mike and his crew did a great job on our new property. It was all fill and he put topsoil on and seeded it last fall and put in a plant bed 3 feet wide in the front of the house. The grass this year is like a carpet and it is beautiful. The azaleas he planted bloomed and he has a mixture there that is coming up and out. We love the work he did and we will have him maintain it.

Pat B.     Oakdale, PA 15071

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