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Rothman Awning Company Residential Awnings Pittsburgh

3.8 Star Rating
3.8 stars - based on 4 Reviews

Chuck & Patty Z.
5 5 Stars
Jul 23, 2012

Rothman Awning Company Residential Awnings Pittsburgh

We had Rothman Awning Company put an awning over our back patio and they did an impeccable job. It was nicer than we envisioned it. It turned out to be high quality and the color was perfect.

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Bryan T
5 5 Stars
Mar 6, 2012

Rothman Awning Company Residential Awnings Pittsburgh

I recently bought a new house and wanted a enclosure for my hot tub. Rothman Awning came out and created with awning and plastic windows a wonderful enclosed area to be outside. They completed the job in one day and did exactly what they said. They even invented a way to keep out most of the wind from the outside.

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Greg T
4 4 Stars
Mar 2, 2012

Rothman Awning Company Residential Awnings Pittsburgh

We had Rothman Awning put a awning over our deck leading to our pool. We really love the quality of the work and have had it now for a year with no issues at all.

The estimate they gave us was spot on and it was completed on-time. My wife and I really appreciate the awning and the work that Rothman Awning did.

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1 1 Stars
Jun 9, 2011

Rothman Awning Company Residential Awnings Pittsburgh

This is the worst place I have ever dealt with!!!!!! Every year I request a time for my awning to be put up and taken down. My awning is put up when THEY want to and taken down when THEY want to, most of the time it is snowing. There prices change by the hour and when I called to complain about the prices always changing, the woman who owns the business hung up on me 4 times and finally told me to "go to hell" and that if I didn't like the way they do business to go elsewhere. I am filing a complaint with the BBB. I would never recommend this business!!
Owner Response:
Suspecting that this disgruntalled customer is from Trotwood Ridge in Upper Saint Clair. She is wrong in regards to the scheduling of awning installation and removal. As with the overwhelming majority of our customers, our yearly services are preformed by customer demand, not at our discretion. Though it is true that we use our discretion when sending awnings to concentrated areas, a customer may get the installation, or removal, a day or two earlier than requested. In the case of the suspected customer posting this review, she had requested installation the beginning of April and was installed on March 28th, since we were in the area. The issue with this customer arose when she had roofing work done on her house and requested the awning removed. When she finally called to have the awning reinstalled, she demanded it TODAY, or else! She called about 11:30 in the morning and the trucks were already scheduled and had left our facility. She kept calling back and insisting that it be reinstalled TODAY! As far as the price changing, the secretary incorrectly quoted a price for a porch awning. When the boss recognized the name and address and that it was indeed a patio cover, of course the price was affected. And with roofing work being scheduled, we question why the customer even had the awning installed when the roofing work was more than likely scheduled before the awning was installed on March 28th. The main reason we do NOT schedule installations in advance, without a customer phone call, is to allow for the occasional repairs that need attention, and the scheduling of those repairs. It is true that this customer was hung up on several times, since she was occupying the only business line we have and she would not give the owner a chance to talk reasonably. She kept DEMANDING instantaneous service and was not demonstrating any flexibility in regards to scheduling this reinstall. As we explained to her on the phone, we had customers who had been waiting two to three weeks for the first install of the season and she kept demanding IMMEDIATE service! The services demanded still had an outstanding balance from the previous year, and yet we still removed it two and a half months later without requesting payment of the outstanding balance! We do not, and did not, feel it would be appropriate for us to ignore other customers who had been patiently waiting for their first season install to give preferential treatment to this person who was not even responsible enough to remit payment for the original obligation. As of the date of this rebuttal, there has been no complaint filed with the BBB, in Pittsburgh, and we are still the most highly rated awning company in Pittsburgh with this organization.
Jul 29, 2011

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