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70 Great Southern Shopping Center
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70 Great Southern Shopping Center
Bridgeville, PA 15017


Testimonial Overview

In today's fast-paced impersonal world, it's nice to go some place where they take their time and know your name. The GSBS is a throw back to the way a great haircut used to be. If you have not been here yet, give it a try- but be prepared to keep coming back for the next 15 years.

Andrew H     Upper St Clair, PA

It's one thing to get a good haircut. It's quite an experience to recieve a great hair cut and bond with tremendous conversation. I used to frequent those chain stylists, but once I started going to the GSBS, I was hooked. The staff was tremendous and the conversation is terrific. For anyone that enjoys discussing sports (local to national) this is the place for you. Again, my son and I are hooked.

Kevin K     South Fayette, PA

Greatest cut and conversation in the area. Everyone should stop by the GSBS.

Bob S     Scott Twp, PA

I wouldn't go anywhere else. It's nice to know that I can get a good cut from any barber everytime I come in. Great cuts and a good time, everytime!

A.J. G.     Collier Township, PA

I found the GSBS by accident 12 years ago after getting a terrible haircut from a "chain" haircut franchise. Pat Caramone did a great job, fixed me up, and I've been coming here ever since, now with my family. All the barbers are top notch and I highly recommend them to my friends and family.

Paul R.     Mt Lebanon, PA

Every visit is unique, enjoyable, and a satisfying experience. J.R. and the guys are qualified and very detailed for cutting and styling hair. The atmosphere is what you want with a barber shop and if you are a good person, you may get a lollipop when you are finished.

David     Scott Twp, PA

When I travel to Pittsburgh, this is my place to get a good haircut.

Tom M.     North Myrtle Beach, SC

My family and I have been customers for almost 20 years. Great atmosphere, great prices, always a great haircut.

Mike R     South Fayette, PA

My four sons and I have been coming to the GSBS for many years. We enjoy the great haircuts and the lively conversation. I also appreciate the reasonable prices.

Jim M     Upper St Clair, PA

J.R., great barber, great businessman, but most of all a great person. Meet him and you can see it in his eyes. Integrity, sincerity, and always looking to do better!

Mark S.     Cecil Twp, PA

-Arrived in the Pittsburgh area in 1996 fresh off active duty with the marines.  Seemed like a fine area except for 1 thing... I couldn't find a quality haircut; until I found the GSBS!  I've had my hair cut all over the world " In every time and place " ... no one can beat the cut at GSBS.  They are more than a barber shop they become friends for life!

Maj.Randy.P USMC (Ret.)     Peters Twp., PA

Getting a good haircut is just part of what coming here is about.  I bring my boys and we share the experience of being together in the Barber Shop.  We get great haircuts and have some great converstation and bonding time.

Rich S.     Mt Lebanon, PA

For a good hair cut for my boys, I bring them to GSBS.  We have never been disappointed.  They are especially good to my little one who doesn't like getting haircuts.

Joy W.     South Fayette, PA

Even though some of my family wants me to get my haircut someplace else, I always like to go to GSBS. The staff is some of the best in this area.

Joseph P.     Cuddy, PA 15031

I've been coming to the GSBS for over 20 years.  You will not find a better place in all of Western PA.  Great family enviorment and people make the GSBS a must.

Chris     Upper St. Clair, PA

Hometown Caring.  The GSBS is a place where everybody knows everybody's face.  A great family enviorment.  The guys at the GSBS gives a great haircut.  The guys at the same time make everyone feel great.

Mark     Collier, PA

J.R. offered me their color camo service to blend some of my gray away. At first I was skeptical, but did it based on his recommendation. The procedure was quick, easy, and very clean. I look 5 years younger, and my wife loves it! I will be back in 6 weeks to do it again. Thanks J.R.!

Bob J.     Peters Twp. 15317

I remember the first time I walked into the GSBS with my boyfriend. I know I was afraid at first, but within the first 10 seconds you felt very welcomed as a woman walking into a "MAN'S" WORLD." While I was sitting there watching my boyfriend get his hair cut and talking with his barber, this place started to take me back to when I was a little girl. I use to tag a long with my Dad (when he had hair hahah!!) to get his hair cut in a barber shop just like that one. I remember all the barbers being very friendly and made me a part of the experience. Even to this day now going with my boyfriend I feel the same exact way. The barber shop is truely one of a kind, and you don't see many of these places anymore. I truly miss the old fashion things we had in life, and NOW there is a place you can go to get Great HAIRCUT, Great People, AWESOME Conversation, and a Happy wives' or significant others when their man comes home refreshed and looking great!!

Regina W.     Scott Twp, PA 15106

This barber shop is the best. As a mom of a young son who did not like getting a haircut, he enjoys going to the barber shop. As a mom you may think that it would be hard to fit into the barber shop atmosphere, not here. All the barbers are great and very professional and treat my son with respect. I can say personally that Josh and Pat are great with kids. My son sits in the chair and carries on a conversation with them. What a great place and reasonable price.

Cara     Bridgeville 15017

J.R. and his crew at GSBS always knows what you need. I have been a long time customer and friend since I was a teen in high school. Now all these years later I will be bringing my first born son for his cuts. I only dread the day J.R. decides to retire. This is my one and only barber shop. Thanks J.R. you make every visit a wonderful experience.

John L.     Carnegie, PA 15106

The "BEST" barber shop in the Pittsburgh region!! Actually, the "BEST" barber shop period!! My husband & son (3) have both gotten their hair cut here (by Tony-highly recommend) until we moved recently to the DC area. If it was up to me I would drive both of my guys back home to Pittsburgh every month just for haircuts @ Great Southern!! We have been to other barber shops both in Pittsburgh & the DC area & nothing even comes close to the service you receive @ Great Southern!! Everyone who works there is so friendly and always greets you with a smile! They are fantastic with children & take their time with them....not to mention having toys for them to play with and my son's favorite-lollipops!! The shop is very clean & their prices are great!! My husband & son always sit in Tony's chair & he is outstanding...always the perfect haircut!! He is so great with my son too!! No matter who you choose though you will be 100% satisfied because all of their barbers are great!! If you live in the Pittsburgh area, I PROMISE you will not find a better barber shop than Great Southern!!!! -Thanks Tony for always making sure my little man has the perfect cut :)

Jill     Cecil, PA/Dunkirk, MD 20754

I love the Barber Shop and refuse to go anywhere else. I currently live and work in Seattle, and my friends make fun of me because I only get haircuts at GSBS when I return home to Pittsburgh. But they just don't understand. If they met Pat, JR, and the rest of the amazing crew at GSBS, they'd see how this is more than just a place to get a haircut; it's truly a community. Every time I come home, they are excited to see me back, and they really care about catching up with me, hearing about my future plans, and of course, giving me a top notch haircut. I recommend this place to everyone!

Ben C     Scott Township, PA

I love the Barber Shop and I refuse to go anywhere else. I currently live and work in Seattle, and my friends make fun of me because I only get haircuts at GSBS when I return home to Pittsburgh. But they just don't understand. If they met Pat, JR, and the rest of the amazing crew at GSBS, they would see that it's not just a place to get a great haircut; it's truly a community. Every time I visit, they genuinely want to catch up with me, hear about my future plans, and of course, give me a top notch haircut. I wholeheartedly recommend the Barber Shop!

Ben C     Scott Township, PA

Just got my second cut from GSBS and I will never go anywhere else from here on out. Best cit in the burgh for both myself and my son. It's not to common to see a barber shop with personality these days, I'm very happy my neighbor told me to check this place out.

Mike     Bridgeville 15017

Not only is this the best place in the South Hills for a great man's haircut, but I love the incidental information gained by conversing with J.R., customers, and the other barbers.

B. Black    

Best haircut & conversation in the South Hills!

Tony S.     Upper St. Clair

I love the GSBS! They have the best conversation and cut around. The barbers at GSBS make me feel right at home and apart of the family.

Rich     Scott Twp., PA

My friend Dave walked into work one morning with a great haircut. He told me that he got it from GSBS. At that time I was going to chain barber shops out of convenience; they took me right away and I could get back to work fast. But, after seeing Dave's cut... I decided to make time in my busy schedule to go check out the GSBS. From the moment I walked in I knew this place was special. I sat down in J.R.'s chair and we talked about sports. I totally forgot about work and had a great time. Now, I only go to GSBS. They give a great, quality cut and a nice conversation. Take the time and have a great experience and haircut at GSBS.

Tim W.     Greentree, PA

My barber retired and I've been searching for a new place. A buddy recommended great southern barbershop so I took a shot. I sat in Josh's chair and all I can say is YES. Yes this is a guys place, yes this is a real BARBERSHOP. My wife says its the best haircut she has seen on me. I found a new home, and I'll be here as long as Josh is!!!

rich     Pittsburgh 15216

JR and his crew are fantastic. It's easy to see why this place gets so much acclaim. Everyone is friendly, the cuts are professional, and none of it will break the bank. I've moved as much as two hours away and still would make the time to get my haircuts done here during visits home rather than settle for somewhere else. I've come here since I was a boy and they've taken excellent care of my hair - from my first middle school dance to my first professional job interview, to my wedding and beyond. Leaving a glowing review is the least that I can do. The GSBS staff maintains an atmosphere that inspires loyalty.

Dave M.     Scott Twp 15243

When I lived in Bridgeville after college 10 years ago, I met J.R. through a family friend. I started going to GSBS and literally have not gone to another barber since! So on one of my many trips to Bridgeville during the year, I always stop in and get my cut while I'm in town! Thanks for such great service and dedication! See you soon!!

Jason R.     Hershey, Pa. 17036

One of my favorite traditions with my son is going to the barber shop. My son is 15 now, but we have been going to J.R. since he was born. The barber shop is so comfortable and pleasant for my family. And, they always give great haircuts!

Jackson     Mt. Lebanon, PA

Being a single mom is hard, but the guys at the barber shop helped my boys so much. They always give them great advice and keep the kids laughing. And always a lollipop to send them home!

Susan     McMurray, PA

I have been going to the barber shop for as long as I can remember. I am currently going to Penn State and I have tried to get my hair cut at school, but its not the same. I always wait until I'm back home so I can go and see the guys.

J.C.     Peters Twp., PA

I nanny three boys and boy can they be a handful. Their parents told me to take the boys to Sports Clips, but when we got back from their haircut, the parents weren't happy. So, my boyfriend suggested that I take them to his barber shop. The guys at GSBS really made the boys feel comfortable and they even behaved well for the barbers. Their haircuts were awesome and the service was great. Next time, I'm definitely going to the Barber Shop at Great Southern!

Stephanie     Collier, PA

After 30 years of the same barber, I didn't know what to do after he passed on. My grandson suggested that I try the barber shop at great southern. Lots of barbers and a great price.

Henry     Heidelberg, PA

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