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4519 W Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27407
4519 W Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27407


I came to rent a car while I looked for a car to purchase. They were very helpful & I really liked the fact that you could rent from them under the age of 25. On my last day to return the car I came in to extend a day and decided to inquire about their cars for sale. I talked with Alex and we found a car that would fit me and my credit. They really worked with me being that I’m a full time college student and my credit isn’t the best. I now have a car with a low monthly payment.

Quishonda J    

Although the name suggests your renting crap, rent a wreck actually just rents cars that have already been rented by larger retailers. If you go to enterprise you will get next years model as a rental, go to rent a wreck you'll get last years model. The cars are a bit older, but still in good condition. You can rent a car rather inexpensively here, and they will rent to people under 23, which is something the larger companies won't do. Its kind of a sketchy area, but the rental cars are decent.

Emily P.     , NC

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