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Drain Field Installation
Construction of the absorption field should be done when the soil is crumbly — never wet. Construction in wet soil causes puddling, smearing and soil compaction, which reduces soil permeability and can contribute to system failure. If occasional soil smearing does occur, scratch or rake those soil surfaces when dry to re-expose the natural soil characteristics.

The absorption field may be arranged in trenches or a bed. Trenches are preferred for flat and sloping sites because they allow the sewage more sidewall contact with the soil. Beds work best on sites with up to 5 percent slope and on smaller lots that do not have room for trenches.

When Should I Empty My Tank?
Research shows some homeowners have their septic tank emptied annually. Others have lived in their homes 10 to 15 years and never had the tank emptied. These are both extremes. One is probably wasting money; the other is taking undue risks of development major problems. On average, it is suggested you empty your septic tank every 3 to 5 years. When you have it emptied, the contractor should be able to tell you the condition of the tank and how full it was. Use this information to determine when to schedule the next pumping.

Reduce the Need for Pumping
There are several things you can do to help increase the length of time between pumping's. Do not use a garbage disposal with a septic system. This puts large amounts of solids into the tank that may not be broken down easily. Try to cut back on the amount of water you use. Wash only full loads of dishes or clothes. Get a water saver toilet and shower head. Never poor grease into your drain. Not only will the grease increase the risk of clogged pipes, but it will do a great deal of harm to your septic tank as well. Try not to use harsh detergents or chemical drain cleaners, if at all possible. These, too, will affect the efficiency of your septic system.

Trust the Professionals at Trinity Septic & Plumbing for all your septic tank needs. At Trinity Septic & Plumbing we provide complete residential, commercial and industrial septic tank service. Our family- owned and locally operated business has provided quality service in Florida for over 50 years. Our services include repairs, pumping, water lines, sewer lines, tank installations, jetting, dry wells, backhoe work, hauling of all types, plumbing and inspections.

At Trinity Septic & Plumbing, our plumbers never charge extra for plumbing services performed on nights or weekends and we always provide a written estimate before the plumbing services are performed. Plumbing services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our plumbers are clean, professional plumbers who are dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

When is a Tank Full?
A septic tank is considered to be full when 35% of the interior space is occupied by solid material, or sludge. The tank will always be full of water, which is what you will see if you open the tank. The solid materials gather at the bottom of the tank and settle there. Eventually, this sludge must be pumped out. If the tank is allowed to fill above 35%, there is a risk of solid waste entering the field lines or possibly clogging the inlet to the tank. Both situations will result in major problems and costly repairs. If you empty your tank after 3 years and the contractor tells you it was 20% full, you know you can probably go 4 or 5 years before the next pumping.

Septic Pumping Tips
Septic Pumping Tips

Septic tank sizing is determined by usage. The object with septic tank sewage treatment is to retain the effluent in the septic tank for at least 30 hours.   This allows time for solids to settle on the bottom and grease to float to the top.   As a general rule of thumb, a 2 bedroom home will require a 1000 gallon septic tank; 3 bedroom 1250 gallon septic tank; and 4 bedroom 1500 gallon septic tank.   All of these are minimum requirements - to some extent, the bigger the better.   A longer retention time allows the solid waste to decompose more completely.   Some building departments require at least a 1250 gallon septic tank for any size home.


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