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Cyber Crime

  • Between 25% and 40% of American adult Internet users say they have been harassed online
  • 45% report experiencing “more severe” kinds of harassment
  • 57% of people reporting harassment in the US are women
  • An 11-year analysis of online harassment cases found that women made up 72% of victims and men 47.5% of perpetrators.
  • Chatroom participants with female usernames are sent threatening and/or sexually explicit private messages 25 times more often than those with male or ambiguous usernames.
  • Close to two-thirds of women journalists report experiencing threats, sexist abuse, intimidation, threats, and harassment in the course of doing their work
  • Women journalists also report that more than 25% of the “verbal, written and/or physical intimidation including threats to family or friends” they receive happens online
  • 21.1% of surveyed women journalists report experiencing digital/online account surveillance
  • 20.3% of women journalists report email or other digital/online account hacking
  • 67% know their harassers. Among people under 35, that number rises to 71%
  • 63% of American women online report knowing someone who has been targeted online, compared to 37% of men
  • 26% of people reporting abuse say they don’t know their harasser’s or harassers’ real identities
  • Women are more likely to use social media than men. Sixty-two percent of people who reporting harassment experienced it on Facebook, 24% Twitter, 20% via email and 18% YouTube.
  • Men are more likely to experience abuse as name-calling
  • Women experience higher rates of sustained abuse involving sexual harassment, stalking and intimate partner violence
  • 25% of young women have been sexually harassed online, compared to 13% of young men
  • 26% of young women report being cyber-stalked
  • 7% of young men report being cyber-stalked
  • 32% of Asians, 32% of Hispanic, 28% of Blacks and 23% of Caucasians report online harassment
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) teens experience almost three times as much bullying and harassment online as their straight and cisgender peers. Forty-two percent of LGBTQ youth report being bullied or harassed online versus 15% of non-LGTB peers
  • LGBTQ youth are twice as likely to be bullied via text message
  • 32% of LGBT youth, almost four times the percentage of non-LGBT youth, report being sexually harassed online (8%)
  • In addition to increased risk of physical threats and name calling experienced by male peers, women between 18-24 years experience high rates of sustained harassment and stalking.
  • Feminine user names online can generate up to 25x the incidence of targeted, gendered abuse
  • Despite women making up 52% of the gaming market[19], up to 70% of girl and women gamers hide their gender in order to avoid online harassment
  • Teenage girls are 2-3X more likely than boys to say they are experiencing “uncomfortable flirting” online
  • Teenage girls cite risk and the threat of harm and violence as a major inhibitor to their online public participation

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