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501 Marylea Ave.
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501 Marylea Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15227

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Interior Design

FOUR CORNER is fresh and innovative and will work with you to find the perfect design solution. FOUR CORNER has a vision for your space and is excited to communicate with your team to bring that vision to life.
FOUR CORNER will work with whatever budget you have. Beautiful things don’t have to be expensive and can often be pieces of furniture simple re-imagined. Bottom line is, it depends on what you want. Do you need to gut your entire first floor and remodel with new furniture and finishes and lighting? Then you need to be understanding that that’s not always cheap. Do you need some art and accessories for you existing home or office? Then we’ll make it work on a dime (not literallyJ).
Some people know what they want, some people have no idea and some people are compromising with a significant other or that thing we love called a budget... So again it depends on what your needs are. Email FOUR CORNERS or call to set up a meeting or just to say “hello” and see how we can start. We can always add more time/budget as we get into your wants/needs. “Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase” – Martin Luther King Jr.
Again, this depends on what your goals are. But here are some ideas! Information Gathering: This part can really vary and this is where FOUR CORNER gets to ask all the questions in order to develop your likes and dislikes, developing goals, styles and timelines. What furniture do you have? What do you need? What colors do you like? We get to explore and come up with cool ideas! Brainstorming so to speak! Schematic Design: FOUR CORNER brings these ideas to life and starts to get organized with presentation boards and options for you. We work together to finalize our ideas. It’s like going window shopping… “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” - Walt Disney Design Development: This is when things get serious! OK not too serious. FOUR CORNER will make sure that we are always having a good time because we are making things beautiful and stress only gives us wrinkles! Construction Closeout/Administration: Like a giant burrito... this is where we wrap things up. Usually final payments are due, final finishes and furniture is completed. And depending on the extensiveness of the project FOUR CORNER performs a “Punch List” where we punch all the contractors in the face... jk jk but really we make sure that everything’s perfect and that YOU ARE HAPPY J

Event Planning

Life can be hectic but parties shouldn’t be! FOUR CORNER is more than excited to help you plan your next event. From lavish weddings to backyard BBQs... we can make your day stress free so that you can enjoy every moment.
Most Certainly! We can help you get some juices flow and let you take it from there. Or if you decide you love our concepts and do want to keep us on board then that works to. “Your wish is my command” - Genie from Aladdin
Of course and here’s a secret, even if you don’t care about the planet, we’ll still make every effort to lessen our impact on the planet because no one likes a hangover, not even mother earth!
This depends on how big of an event you have and how into the details you want FOUR CORNER to get. For an event with 300 people (say, a wedding) at least a year is best! A 1st Birthday Star Wars themed party at your house with 50 guests… a couple months will suffice.

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