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20 Easton Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
20 Easton Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15238


Testimonial Overview

Recently the pipe in my rental property ruptured. It was a nightmare. I called my neighbor next door who recommended Champlain. Their people arrived pretty quickly. I was surprised. I was new at renting and after this, I ended up selling that house. The good thing is I now know a reliable company who actually keep their promises.

Shelly R     Mt Pleasant, PA

We've been working with Champlain for quite some time. They are very reliable.Not too long ago we had a huge excavation project to take care of before moving. Each day their men were there first thing. They have a great work ethic. I totally recommend this company to anyone.

Printing Company     Wexford, PA

When we bought our new home. We liked everything about except the driveway wasn't much to look at. We asked around our neighborhood and heard about Champlain. We obtained 3 estimates altogether and compared each company. We decided on Champlain. I see where we made the perfect choice. Our driveway looks great.

Mary Jo and Jack H.     Turtle Creek, PA

We lived in our home for almost 30 years with the same front porch. It was tiny. I had an idea to make that porch the full length of the house. We called a couple companies and Champlain, however, was last on the list. We talked to several construction companies and knew right away that Champlain would be our choice. They came promply and continued to do the cement work and ended up creating a beautiful porch.

Jennie and Robert     Fox Chapel, PA

Our business needed a new sidewalk. It was cracked in many places. One of our customers accidently left some business cards on my counter and Champlain was one of them. I called to get an estimate. Someone arrived the very next day and was able to give me a fair quote. I had a good feeling I was doing the right thing in choosing this company. They did a splendid job.

Harry T     Greensburg, PA

I love my decorative concrete that is on my new porch. Champlain did an outstanding job. My neighbors all say they are going to have theirs done too. I've given quite a few referrals to them.

Macy A    

Whoever put our french drain in, did it incorrectly. My husband noticed it soon after we got married.
I had been living there on my own and never paid much attention to it. It was years before and I didn't remember the name of the company. We called Champlain and did everything the right way. Don't hesitate to call this company, if you need their services.

Ralph M     Brookline, PA

My husband isn't very good at landscaping and we have this big house. Our house is the first you see when arriving on our street. Our front yard is huge and we just never knew what to do with it. We see other homes in the area seem to have the "knack" but my husband and I do not. My husband's boss suggested we call and have someone come over to offer us some ideas Someone at my husband's job knew about Champlain so we called them. They came over and took their time presenting ideas to us. We actually liked most of them and were eager to start. They just finished yesterday and we love our new yard. It actually looks like a totally different home now. I do recommend Champlain. They have helped us quite a bit.

Andrew J.     Gibsonia, PA

Our neighbor referred Champlain Construction when we needed help with our foundation. Our main support columns needed replaced as they were in horrible shape. They did a fine job and will have them back for concrete work on the floor next. Left the area very clean and were very professional and caring about my belongings.

Henry G.     Domont 15216

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