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20 Easton Drive
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20 Easton Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15238


Structural Repair by Champlain Construction

Many homes built in the Steel City have been built by great builders. However, wood does rot and can be infested with termites or carpenter ants. Foundation walls can break down from water penetrating through block and mortar joints. Concrete footers can crack from wet subsoils. Interior floors start to deflect and rot from under-engineered wood beam systems. The problem is exasperated by inadequate footings and support columns.� READ MORE...

Concrete Work by Champlain Construction

Concrete Work is probably the most difficult job with very little room for error. It challenges even the most skilled workers. The look of the concrete surface is how most people judge a good or bad concrete job. While it is very important, it is not the true sign of a good job.� READ MORE...

Equipment Rental by Champlain Construction

We now offer excavation equipment for rent. We have large and small excavators and skid loaders, and a Genie lift. Along with the rental machine, you get prompt delivery and pickup.� READ MORE...

French Drain by Champlain Construction Pittsburgh

We started doing foundation drainage in the early 1980s and have changed our system over the years as better products evolved.� READ MORE...

Champlain Construction Green Building

With "going green" and energy efficiency on everyone's mind today, we hope to help the USA lead the world with our good practices and determination. READ MORE...

Excavation by Champlain Construction

I started doing backhoe work in 1978 on small excavation projects, such as grading yards, digging driveways and French drain systems. Over the years Champlain Construction has grown to offer a complete excavation service with equipment for any size job.� READ MORE..


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