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2630 West Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

2630 West Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

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Beinhauer Family Funeral Services in Pittsburgh and Dormont Provides Funeral, Cremation and Burial Services to Western PA

Year Established: 1860
Liability Insurance: Yes
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  • The Lions Club
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  • VFW Post 764 in McMurray
  • Board Member for the Bridgeville Public Library
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Our History


Beinhauer Funeral Home began in Pittsburgh, 1860 when Louis Beinhauer opened his very first mortuary on Third Avenue downtown.  Pittsburgh was quite active at that time.  Industrial advancements increased the city's growth and Louis along with his son, Ferd C., anticipated the flourishing needs of the city.

They opened two facilities of the original location on the city's South Side -- one on Sixth Street and the other one was at the base of the old incline on Twelfth Street.  

The Move to West Liberty Avenue

Before too long, Louis and Ferd C. were accompanied by the third generation of BeinhauersFerd C. Jr., and Louis Jr.  In the year of 1910, the Beinhauer family moved their business to West Liberty Avenue in Dormont, a community within the South Hills.  Eventually, they incorporated their facilities at this one location in the year 1921.  The development of the construction of the Liberty Tunnels played a big factor in this move to this area since the tunnels created an easy access to the South Hills. 

Since the Beinhauers were never strangers to innovation, they built Pittsburgh's first crematory in 1921. It is still in operation to this very day and is the second oldest continuously operating crematory within the entire United State. 

The Fire at West Liberty Avenue

Tragedy struck in the year 1952 when a 7-alarm fire burned the Beinhauer's funeral home to the ground.  The Beinhauers were able to salvage what they could from the rubble.  Although they were saddened by the loss of their mortuary, they decided to construct a brand new building in the very place where the old one stood.   Continuously being improved, the Dormont location currently remains a Beinhauer chapel serving the needs of the South Hills community.

Rick, the son of Ferd, became the President of the company in the year 1979.  Rick's began to extend Beinhauer's services to other areas within Pittsburgh with the construction of a new chapel in Washington County.  Not too long after 2 other chapels became part of Beinhauer --: the Lutz Funeral Home in 1985 as well as the Connell Home in the year 1995.

In 1996, the Beinhauer legacy continued when Rick's son Scott actually became the 6th Beinhauer generation to serve the entire community.   This furthered a commitment to excellence that first began over 144 years ago.


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