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2000 Painters Run Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15241
2000 Painters Run Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15241

Facility Overview

At Bridgeville Automotive we have been repairing cars and trucks in the Pittsburgh, Bridgeville and South Hills PA areas since 1994. We repair all makes and models of cars, trucks, hybrids, SUVs and AWD (All Wheel Drive), 4x4 and 4 wheel drive vehicles. We have a complete range of services from oil and transmission fluid change, brake repair, detailed auto diagnostic testing and repair to engine and transmission repair, wheel alignments and more.

Driving around Pittsburgh, it may seem that car owners have a lot of options when it comes to car repair and maintenance. But what if you’re looking for a reliable mechanic you can trust with your vehicle? That’s why so many Pittsburgh-area car and truck owners turn to Bridgeville Automotive when they need a mechanic they can trust.

Regular preventive maintenance and car care is a key part of car ownership. Due to the normal wear and tear Pittsburgh automobile drivers regularly experience, the many moving parts in your car require regular service and occasional replacement… especially in our climate.

The best place to start is to follow your manufacturer’s guidelines found in your owner’s manual. For more answers to any car maintenance or repair questions, you can ask a certified car and truck mechanic what service is recommended for your vehicle by simply picking up the phone and calling Bridgeville Automotive.

By investing in a certified mechanic to perform scheduled maintenance on your automobile, you can actually save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Regular maintenance can help your car perform at optimum levels, which can give you better gas mileage. It also prevents major problems from arising (that could cost so much more) and extend the overall life of your automobile.

But regular maintenance is more than just saving you money. It’s also about security and peace of mind. The highly trained mechanics at Bridgeville Automotive can keep your car on the road and operating at peak efficiency. Our office and garage is located at 2000 Painters Run Rd Pittsburgh, PA 15241. We have three large bays with all of the tools to get the job done! 



Phone: 412-221-9843
2000 Painters Run Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA
15241, US

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