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  1. Do you have “trained” technicians at Bridgeville Automotive?

    Yes! Our highly-trained service personnel have plenty of experience and training. Certificates from professional schools as well as Automotive Service Excellence awards are proudly presented in our lounge area.

  2. Will having Bridgeville Automotive technicians service my vehicle void my factory warranty/extended warranty?

    No! While you are required to maintain your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule to keep the warranty valid, the service can be performed at the auto repair shop of your choice. Please call us for more information.

  3. Do I need an appointment to get my vehicle serviced at Bridgeville Automotive?

    For non-emergency service, we do request that you schedule an appointment. Setting appointments for non-emergency work greatly increases our offering on time service to our customers.

  4. Does Bridgeville Automotive offer repair and replacement of transmissions and engines?

    Yes. We offer both new and used transmissions and engines at competitive prices.

  5. Can I leave my car at Bridgeville Automotive before you open, after you close or on weekends?

    Yes you can!

  6. Does Bridgeville Automotive repair and restore classic cars?

    Yes we do!

  1. Does it pay to do regular scheduled auto repairs & maintenance?

    Yes, in the long run. We see cars last much longer and have fewer problems when they have regular maintenance.

  2. When should I have timing belt repairs done?

    That will vary depending on the car you drive. Some at 60k, 90k or even 110k. Give us a call.

  3. If my vehicle shakes on the highway, is that my alignment?

    Not always, shakes can be caused from bent wheels, bad tires or bent hubs as well.

  4. Is my old car worth keeping?

    It depends what you consider "old", Many cars 10 to 15 years old are built very well. They can last for many years to come when properly maintained.

  5. Why does my car smell when I turn on my A/C system?

    It’s most likely mold and mildew in your system. It can be cleaned pretty easily.

  6. Should I drive my car if the temperature gauge goes too hot?

    No, pull over and let it cool down. If it’s not leaking, drive to the closest place you can leave your car and have it towed.

  7. Does my car need regular or premium fuel?

    Most cars run fine on regular unleaded gas, but some do require higher octane. You should refer to your owners manual to find out the specific fuel recommendation for your automobile.

  8. How do I get better gas mileage?

    Start by having your car checked over. A basic maintenance check will ensure everything is working properly. Then, one of our auto technician's can provide you with some suggestions.

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