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Call Today: 717-352-2721
6375 Chambersburg Road
Fayetteville, PA 17222

6375 Chambersburg Road
Fayetteville, PA 17222

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Improve your loved one's quality of life with our assisted living in Chambersburg. Learn more about us and schedule a tour with us here!

Year Established: 2004
Liability Insurance: Yes
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Paramount Senior Living is a Pittsburgh based company that offers communities throughout New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and more! We always are working expanding to offer our unique and quality senior living services. We continue to offer an unparalleled approach and a plethora of healthcare services to senior living which has put as a leader in senior living. Along with our quality services, we have worked to construct customized buildings to create the perfect living community that can meet a variety of needs. It is through our positive outcomes are why we are recognized as a leader in this industry. Paramount is ready to take this highly successful model across the country in an effort to provide the most efficient and the highest quality of healthcare care to our seniors.

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