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301 East Main Street
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Website Design

Google has once again updated its algorithm basically stating that all websites should have a mobile friendly / responsive design (web pages adapt by responding to the device it is being shown on). An example is when you view a website on a desktop and then you are able to view it on a mobile device the same way because the window adjusts accordingly. These are now best practices in Google’s eyes and many sites can be penalized if not willing to update.

Search Engine Optimization

The old school methods of marketing just are not as effective anymore. If you are not found online somehow, chances are you will not be found at all. Sure the flyers, brochures and word of mouth are still effective, but in today’s business atmosphere, it is all about online presence through various channels. Being found online can help establish trust with your customers, increase your credibility in the market, and help drive people to your business who are searching online.
Search engine optimization or SEO refers to the techniques and tactics used to improve position on the search engines results page (SERP) and visibility across the web. It is the process of getting traffic from organic (free, natural) search results to increase the number of visitors to a website.
It comes down to this simple metaphor. You can build a beautiful house in the woods, but without a road leading to it, nobody will ever know you are there. The same thing goes with your website presence; you can have a beautiful website, but without people (traffic), no one is going to find you. SEO is an ongoing process, so if you want to be found on major search engines you cannot simply build a website and expect great results.
Putting up relevant, keyword rich content that engages the reader, is favored by Google because it sees the content as current, fresh and helpful to the user. A good article not only helps with ranking from a search engine point of view, but it can increase user interaction (linking to other sources, watching a video) which also helps with SEO performance.
There are many factors that affect this. For instance, if you have a brand new domain name and website, it may take a little longer. Rebranding is also an element that will affect your result time. SEO is an ongoing process, but feel free to discuss your specific situation with our experts to find out what kind of turn-around time you should expect.

WebTracker ™

Geo Fences are areas that your customers are likely to be, such as competitor locations, busy intersections, large events etc.
When potential customers leave your website, WebTracker begins to server retargeting ads on apps and other websites.
  • Target Customers Who Have Previously Been To You Location
  • Target Potential Customers Who Have Attended A Specific Event at a Specific Time (Conventions, Sporting Events etc.)
  • Target Potential Customers Who Have Visited A Competitor Recently
  • Target Potential Customers Who Have Visited A Certain Location Type (Schools, Hospitals, Car Dealerships, Churches, Hotels).

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