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223 Fourth Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

223 Fourth Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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A Divorce Attorney for 20 Years a Father of 4 Children Provides Superior Legal Services Affordably We Have the Expertise to Protect You Call 412-391-5299 Today.

Year Established: 2000
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Certifications / Awards:

Dennis M. Blackwell, Esq.

University of Pittsburgh, B.A.,1986
Duquesne School of Law, 1990
Allegheny County Bar Association
Pennsylvania Bar Association
Supreme Court of U.S., Pennsylvania Supreme Court, U.S. District Court for the Western District of PA, District Court of the Eastern District of PA, 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals.

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The Blackwell Law Firm

The Blackwell Law Firm
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Here at The Blackwell Law Firm our philosophy is to provide superior legal services all at a reasonable / affordable price involving all aspects of  the law.  We are known as one of the most well respected family law attorneys in the Pittsburgh area.

We have helped hundreds of  local families achieve legal success.  Throughout the years we have helped those with the following: 

  • High asset divorce
  • Spousal support and alimony
  • Separation
  • Division of marital property complex property division
  • Protecting professional practices
  • Preserving investments in divorce
  • Child Custody:
  • Child visitation, parenting schedules, and mediation
  • Out-of-state custody proceedings
  • Child support and child support modifications
  • International child custody
  • Custodial child relocation

We also handle family law matters such as:

  • Grandparents Rights
  • Post-judgment modifications
  • Prenuptial agreements, post-marital agreements
  • Step-child adoption issues, legal guardianship
  • Paternity Law

Experienced and Honest Counsel Work Toward YOUR Needs and YOUR Goals.

Pittsburgh, PA  15219


Both contested and uncontested Divorce can prove to be very overwhelming.  A divorce is considered uncontested whenever both spouses each reach an agreement with respect to all their financial and divorce-related issues (such as, grounds for divorce, child custody and support, visitation, distribution of marital assets, allocation of marital debt, and spousal support/alimony).

Each spouse must agree on a divorce in order for it to be considered uncontested.  If you fully believe that your divorce will be contested because your spouse will not consent to the divorce and all divorce-related issues, or if you are unsure, contact
The Blackwell Law Firm for a free consultation.

Pittsburgh, PA  15219


Before parents can focus on issues relating to Custody and visitation of their children, there must be an action  formally filed underlying the action within the Pennsylvania family law court.  This means that a complaint for divorce or custody can be filed by your chosen family law attorney.

We know how difficult this time can be for both parents and children.  Here at  The Blackwell Law Firm we concentrate on easing you through this process in a swift and understanding manner.

Pittsburgh, PA  15219

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