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Overview: Earn your degree in as little as 18 months with Lindenwood's Accelerated Degree Program. Contact us today to learn more about how to earn your degree.

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Lindenwood University LCIE Program

4 Star Rating
4 stars - based on 3 Reviews

2 2 Stars
Mar 9, 2016


St. peters

i've seen people not even show up to 75% of the classes and graduate. Seems to be all about the $$$'s. They will also tell you transfer credits are valid and change that when it comes to graduation time, forcing more money out of students. Bait and switch. I earned 3 hours of managerial ethics from watching "Philidelphia" and hand-writing a 2 page paper on it the last night of class while watching (Thank yo Professor Scott D. Williams) and an MIT PhD professor for Economics told us the first night of class that 12 weeks was not enough time to learn one of the 3 hours courses, let alone 9 hours and taught the class as if he was doing someone in the Lindenwood Faculty a favor. It was not taken seriously. All in all, while it may be a great learning "opportunity" for some, the value of the education is a waste of money.

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5 5 Stars
Nov 17, 2014



I am currently attending Lindenwood University for criminal justice using the LCIE program. It makes it easy for me to keep working and earn my degree at the same time. My adviser has helped with my courses and financial aid so I stay on track to earn my degree. The accelerated program is great for me and soon I will have a new degree and new job!

5 5 Stars
Nov 17, 2014


St. Charles

Being a full time mother and working made it tough for me to get back into school. I had no time to do the work properly and my schedule made it difficult to attend the right amount of classes I needed to earn my degree. Luckily Lindenwood had an accelerated degree program where I could take care of my kids, work, and go to school without being overwhelmed. The classes and instructors are great, as well as the other students. I have successfully earned my degree and have had a better job placement since then.

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