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168 Vanadium Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15017
168 Vanadium Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15017


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When they say dust free, they really mean it! Professional and Friendly Service. We had repair work and cleaning services done and both were excellent. Highly recommend!

Evette R.     Pittsburgh, PA 15017

We just had Madhatter Chimney Sweep do a chimney inspection and we are so glad we did.  There were alot of loose cement coming down and a chunk of concrete.  They had to acturally rebuild it and you can't even tell, except it looks better.  They left everthing spotless and clean like we had it. Good job done here.  We will have them check it every year now.

Greg W.     Oakmont, PA 15139

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Phone: 412-828-8908
168 Vanadium Road
Pittsburgh, PA
15017, US

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