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1500 Ellsworth Avenue Suite 205R
Carnegie, PA 15106


Testimonial Overview

I have perfect credit and pay my bills on time, but I wanted to get a professional FICO score audit. After the audit, I had the FICO education I needed to max out and get a great interest rate! In lending, a few extra points can sometimes save thousands of dollars in interest.

Chip N.     Tarentum, PA 15084

I found out that I had errors on my credit report after applying for business credit. My lawyer referred me to Cure My Score. After a few months, those errors were resolved, and I was able to get the credit I needed for my business. I also know what to do in the future to maintain my high score.

Dan     Pittsburgh, PA 15222

My loan officer refereed me to Cure My Score after I was denied a mortgage loan. I gained 130 points on my credit score and closed a mortgage loan with the best rate possible on both my home AND my car. Needless to say, I am thrilled with Cure My Score! They really delivered!

Tim     Penn Hills, PA 15235

"If something good happens to me, I want to shout it out from a mountain top. We all know how tough life can be and find ourselves economically challenged at times. I was there... when I had no health insurance. As an self-employed person, I could not afford these excessively high insurance premiums. After surgery on my shoulder in 2009, I was left with unpaid medical bills which were reported to the (3) credit bureaus. When I applied for credit recently, I was offered a rebuilding credit solution by a colleague. Lets just say in ONE MONTH, I had (26) collections removed from my credit report!!! Thanks to Cure My Score Credit Repair, my credit score raised over 100 points. I'm not much a marketer for other people's profit, yet if anyone wants to do what I just did, please let me know. I will connect you to a miracle worker..."

Jeff J.     Pittsburgh, PA 15211

"Cure My Score has been nothing short of a great company to partner with. Friend endorsed, Hero approved!" - Friends Of Heroes

Seth Jeska-Silrum    

"I have two words to say regarding Cure My Score, LIFE SAVER!! Before getting involved with Cure My Score, I knew very little about credit. I just thought, oh I will just pay it later not realizing the damage I was bringing to myself. Cure My Score helped me realize that maintaining good credit defines who you are as a individual. The knowledge I have learned from this company has helped me as mother to properly build my foundation for my family. All in all, I am excited to see what the future holds for my family and me with Cure My Score by our side."

Takeea W.     Pittsburgh, PA 15221

"I have been sending friends looking for Mortgages and car loans to Cure my score and Chris for Two years now.... nothing but great results and Thank yous from my friends.... Thanks Cure My Score & Chris!"

Robert B.     Burgettstown, PA 15021

Just wanted to say thank you to Cure My Score . I received an email update from FICO and my new score has surpassed my targeted goal. My score jumped 100 points in less than a year, and I’m now able to qualify for a mortgage. I cant believe it! I know we still have some more work to do, but I just wanted to say a tremendous thank you to Cure My Score for being the TRUTH and for guiding me in the right direction. I really sincerely mean that. You guys ROCK!!

Woodley V.     Brooklyn , NY 11218

"I can't thank you guys enough for all the hard work you've put into my file. 84 trade lines deleted or repaired!!!! Cure My Score Cured my World!!!! Thanks guys!"

Ed J.     Fox Chapel, PA 15238

"Tabitha and Cure My Score are a trustworthy option in an industry where corruption is rampant. If you need help rebuilding your credit history, she is a good call to make."

Jim S.     Bridgeville, PA 15017

“For the past year or so I have been referring my clients who could not qualify for mortgages to Cure My Score. I have been very pleased with the services they provide in both credit education and assisting my clients in raising their credit scores so I can get their mortgage closed. Keep up the great work Cure My Score!” -Golden Oak Lending

Kurt Ziegler     Cranberry Township, PA 16066

"Thank you Cure My Score for all your help! I'm so glad we made the move to get help with our credit! It was one of the best choices we could have made. I will be sending pictures of the new house we close on Friday."

Tracey M.     Pittsburgh, PA 15207

"The staff at Cure My Score was instrumental in improving my credit score. I followed all of their instructions and within a month was able to see my credit score improve. I'm now able to acquire large purchases with low interest which equates to great savings. I'm definitely pleased with the results."

Tim G.     Youngstown, PA 15696

Chris has proven to be a huge help in getting my credit score down. I was finally able to be qualified for 0% Financing on my new car. Thanks Chris!

Alex Rutkowski     Carnegie 15106

"I've been working with the staff at Cure My Score for a little over a year now. They always return my calls, answer any questions I have and have managed to remove over forty things from my credit. No matter how bad you think your credit is, if you do what they tell you and give them some time I'm sure you will be as amazed and happy as I am with the job they do. I want to say Thank you to the team and cure my score for a job well done."

Regis H.     Elizabeth, PA 15037

Thanks Cure My Score for all of your help.

D. S.     Pgh.

Thanks for all the help and wonderful education. I can honestly say "I now get it". I was doing things attempting to help my credit when I learned much of what I was doing was hurting my score, not helping. I will keep you updated as my score continues to increase. Thanks to your entire staff!

Denice M.     Moon Township, PA 15108

Thanks for all your help. I am soooo much better off score wise and I fully understand how to keep my score going up and once up, keep it as high as possible. Your staff was awesome.

Tim Green     Latrobe 15601

Thanks again, you guys rock. I am an old customer who calls just when I have questions and they still help and treat me like a current customer. I wish more companies worked like yours.

Fred Davis     Pgh 15222

Things are looking up, up, up. Keep up the great work team and I will keep up with my end. Thanks a million.

Jose Paredes     Silver Springs 20903

Just wanted to let you know we closed on our home, I can now say we are homeowners. Thank You all so much for your hard work and the path you provided. I will be sending a photo as soon as some snow melts.

Neil W.     Pittsburgh 15220

I did it, I am now a home owner to be. Thanks for all your help. You guys ROCK. Will send the photo of our new home soon.

Nick Kostelansky     Allegheny County, PA 15220

I am proud to say I trusted my gut and I am currently working with this company to help build my credit!! Everyone I come in contact with there is amazing and they truly do help!!! If you are looking to build or rebuild credit I would highly suggest

Christina Escajeda     Pittsburgh 15228

Cure my score saved my life. New house, new car, & new furniture. They are the best!

Bobbie Feddersen     Carnegie 15106

Thank you so much for putting a budget together for me to make these monthly payments. Also, Thank you for the incredible work you are doing for me. You truly are miracle workers!! Sincerely, Michele Madalena

Michele Madalena     Naples, FL 34108

You are the best group of people I have ever worked with! You action your words, are kind, helpful and you know your business. Thank you for being amazing folks to work with! My best!

Amy P.     Clinton

Thank you for all of your help and continued support will continue to tell everyone what a first class operation cure my score is and how the staff from Chris on down are professionals What a pleasure it was . thanks again MRP

Mike P.     Pittsburgh, PA 15237

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