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Overview: Good Feet Store Cranberry is Your Arch Support Store to End Heel Pain and Leg Pain with Good Feet Arch Supports for Tired Feet.

Year Established: 2000

Category: Arch Support

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Latest Reviews

Good Feet Store Cranberry PA

4.8 Star Rating
4.8 stars - based on 5 Reviews

5 5 Stars
Apr 1, 2015

Henry H.


I went to Good Feet because my back and knee was hurting. After they were done, I was really pain free. I could not believe that my back stopped hurting and my knees were better. I love this place. If you hurt go and try them. It can't hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5 5 Stars
Mar 2, 2015

Rocco N.

Cranberry, PA

I wish I heard about this store a year ago. I have been in such pain, and now I haven't any pain left. This place I would recommend to anyone with a back or foot problem. My aches and pains have all been resolved from going to The Good Feet Store.

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4 4 Stars
Sep 4, 2014

Judy P.


My mom told me to go to Good feet in Cranberry when I told hr my feet were always hurting. I guess mothers do know best as I went and they really helped me and I no longer have foot and heel pains any longer. It feels so good to walk without pain all the time. thanks mom.

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5 5 Stars
Aug 29, 2014

John M.


I really was at a point in my life that I did not want to walk or go to parks,amusement parks, fairs or anything that consisted of walking and standing. My legs and back would kill me. Someone pointed me to Goodfeet and I went there. It was the best thing I could have ever done. Been to all my favorite spots lately and love it.

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5 5 Stars
Mar 5, 2014

John S.


When I told my friend about my pain they referred me to Goodfeet in Cranbery as they helped them. I was having back pain walking and standing and my feet ached. Good feet really help me out and now I can walk the Mall several times without pain. They are great!

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