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1915 Menaul Blvd
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1915 Menaul Blvd
Albuquerque, NM 87107

Gallery Overview

Welcome to our gallery. We take pride in our product and stand behind our work 100%. Our mission is to give nothing but the highest level of service with the best quality blinds & tint on the market today. Below are some photo's of  completed jobs that are now enjoying the comfort of their tinted windows, they have also reduced their energy demand and carbon footprint. 


Looking for the best ? Looking for the best ?

Want the best film on the market? Hüper Optik window film.

Hüper Optik is the smarter choice for your residential solar control needs. When you want to have comfort plus UV & Infrared Protection, paired with high performance and great aesthetics for your home, the choice is clear. Hüper Optik.

Hüper Optik is the World Leader in nanotechnology residential window films. This film greatly reduces the amount of heat (solar energy) in your home, they also reject 99.9% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and up to 98% Infrared heat! The ultraviolet rays & Infrared are a significant cause of skin problems and fading of home interiors. While protecting valuable home furnishings, the non reflective films have the added feature of no reflectivity. Day or night the view is not obscured. So block the Sun, not the view.

The layer of film also provides an additional level of safety by keeping glass fragments together in the event of accidental breakage.


-We will gladly put this film next to any of our competitors product and let you see for your self. Hüper Optik is by far the clearest choice with heat rejecting numbers that are second to none. Fact: Most other films do not block any infrared, this is a large portion of what causes sun fade in your home. Hüper Optik select series Drei blocks 98% infrared as well as 99.9% Harmful UV all while being non reflective with amazing optical clarity.

 If your looking for the highest level of preformance & protection for your home or storefront, Hüper Optik is the answer.


Security and Anti Graffiti Film! -must read: Security and Anti Graffiti Film! -must read:

Designing energy efficiency into buildings and structures is the fastest growing trend in the construction industry. We offer a wide range of window films to solve common building envelope issues, including hot spots, glare, interior fading.

 Safety Window Films

Safety films help keep shattered glass intact and protect building occupants. Anything from a stray golf ball to severe weather can send dangerous shards of glass flying, subjecting people and property to serious damage, injury or worse. Armorcoat safety films help keep dangerous shards together on impact, whether due to accidents, acts of nature, attempted break-ins, vandalism or bomb blasts. From crystal clear to super dark, several options to choose from.

Also available 

Anti Graffiti Film

Protects Public and Private Property From Vandalism

Solar Gard Graffitigard protective film is a durable, optically clear and removable product that acts as a sacrificial barrier between vandals and the surfaces they cover, including interior and exterior glass windows and mirrors, as well as other non-porous surfaces like stainless steel and marble. The unnoticeable film protects surfaces from paint, key scratches, marking and even acid-etching. When vandalized, the film is easily removed and replaced for clean-up – reducing property damage and maintaining aesthetics.

From shopfronts to overpasses, Graffitigard is increasingly popular because it is far less expensive to replace and install a fresh layer than to replace what it protects. Protect your public surfaces from deliberate and unintentional damage with Solar Gard graffiti protective films!



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