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How Mobile Websites Changed the Face of Social Media and Retail Sales.

  • There are over 4.2 Billion mobile devices worldwide.
  • Mobile web growth is happening 4 times as fast as the Internet.
  • More than 25 million Facebook users accessed Facebook via a mobile browser in January 2010.
  • 62% of Mobile users send/receive instant messages.
  • 29% of Mobile users connect with other professionals on site.
  • 33% of Mobile users forward items through social networking sites.
  • Real-time technology and location-based services are expected to drive mobile retail.
  • Online ad sales are growing, but virtual goods, premium content and other models are big business, especially for the mobile web.
  • One out of every seven minutes of media consumption takes place on mobile.
  • There are over 5,000 different mobile devices that can access the mobile web.

You Mobile Solution with Search Magnet Local™

Take advantage of over 4 billion mobile phone users who have access to the web on mobile phones. Get a mobile website and promote your business quickly and easily online!

Use our integrated QR Code technology to send smart phone users directly to your specials / promotions and videos!

  • Menu / Home Page: Included is a mobile friendly menu / home page
  • About us Page: This page is dedicated to information about your business.
  • Videos Page: This page includes up to 4 videos. Note: These must be drawn in from YouTube and you can easily update them on your site.
  • Coupons / Specials Page: All your specials are displayed on the mobile version of the site.
  • News Page:This is where all your Press Releases are also displayed in the mobile version of your site.
  • Testimonials Page:All your testimonials will be displayed on your mobile website.
  • Reviews Page: This is where all your reviews are displayed and an a review can be submitted through smart phones.
  • Contact Us Page:Contact Page includes all your contact information, directions to your business and a link to your Facebook page if you have one.
  • Utilization Statistics: Full statistical tracking to include: Number of Phone Calls, Pages Viewed, Forms Submitted, Directions Retrieved and More!

What Are Mobile Phones Used For

mobile  internet usage

Internet Mobile Marketing with Local Search
It is hard to believe but there are over 4 billion mobile phones out there that are being used. Out of all those phones about 1.08 billion of those phones are Smart Phones and over 3.05 billion are SMS Enables.

It is estimated that about 55% of the local searches come from mobile phones. So when potential customers come to your website via mobile phone search how will your site look to them?

With the continual growth of mobile phone technology it is more important now to ensure your mobile website is up to standards and allows your potential customers to have a good experience and purchase your products or services!

It is time to start your mobile website today!
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