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Thomas S,
5 5 Stars
Jun 27, 2017


FINALLY!!!! I've never been able to fully read a ruler, and I'm a woodworker, so it's been a real challenge! This is saving me HOURS of extra work, is helping me to memorize some of the smaller divisions, (lines, whatever!), AND it memorizes some measurements too!

Bess Basonic
5 5 Stars
Jun 27, 2017


This is really a great indoor house project type measuring tape. I suppose it can be used anywhere. But it's functionalities make it super useful for hanging picture frames indoors. The digital display is spot on. The inside/outside measurement is a priceless feature. Measuring from one wall to another is always a pain in the rear with a regular tape measure, but with this one......just hit the outside measurement button, and butt the back end of the measuring tape to the wall. It accounts for the distance on length of the measuring tape itself. It makes it super easy instead of trying to bend the tape into the corner and get an accurate measurement. The other great feature of this tape is the functionality to split the difference. It's alway a pain trying to locate the center of a wall and splitting an oddball measurement like 39 and 13/16ths. With the split feature...just hit the button and the measuring tape does the calculation for you. It's genius. Great for finding that center to hang the picture evenly between walls. Overall relatively sturdy product. You'll like it alot.

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