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  1. Do I have to have any canoe experience ?

    No, there is no whitewater in our area of the Yough. We will provide a lifejacket and help you with the basics

  2. How hard is it to paddle a canoe or kayak ?

    It is very easy as we take you up the river and you will be floating with the current back down to our base in West Newton

  3. What should we bring ?

    Most people bring some food and drinks in a cooler. We sell ice and pop and Gatorade at our shop. Bring sunscreen and sunglasses.

  4. Will I get wet ?

    Only if you want to. The current is gentle and doesn't create any boat spray.

  5. What should I wear ?

    Swim trunks and swimsuits are the most popular. An old pair of tennis shoes or watershoes work great on your feet. If the weather looks like it could rain, bring a sweatshirt and a raincoat, however, a PONCHO is the best for rain as it will keep you completely dry from head to toe while sitting in a canoe or kayak. You can pick up a poncho at any WalMart or even a cheap disposable poncho at a grocery or drug store. A hat is also recommended to keep the sun off of your head.

  6. How long does a trip last ?

    With minimal paddling the trips are estimated at 2, 4 or 6 hours. If you paddle alot you can shave time off these estimates. If you stop and take breaks, or just don't paddle, it will take longer. We recommend that you take your time, have fun, and enjoy the beauty of the Yough River.

  7. How is the fishing ?

    Very, very good. The smallmouth bass are very active in the summer. There are also walleye, musky and trout. We sell PA Fishing licenses and live bait at our base. You can expect to see them all in the crystal clear water while you are floating.

  8. How does the overnight camping trip work ?

    You provide all your camping gear and tents. We take you up the river 26 miles to Connellsville. The first day you will float about halfway (13 miles) to an island campsite in the Yough River. The second day you will float back to our base in West Newton. This trip leaves our base between 7-8 am to get you up to Connellsville so you can float to the island campsite before dark. Many people come in and camp at our base campground in West Newton the night before and then they are right here and ready to go early in the morning. We'll have a cup of coffee with you as the sun comes up !!!

  9. How does the bike and canoe combo trip work ?

    You ride your bike up the Yough Trail and we meet you at one of the put-ins with canoes or kayaks. Then we haul your bike back to our base and you float back to the base where your car and bike are waiting for you.

  10. Can we really get hot pizza on the river ?

    Yes you can. You can call a pizza shop in Belle Vernon and they will deliver it right to your canoe at Cedar Creek Park.

  11. Are there any Steeler Fans at Yough Canoe Outfitters ?

    Did you really just ask that question ??? 6 Super Bowls and Counting ! We have had many Steeler players come and take canoe trips with us.

  12. Can we camp out at your base in West Newton ?

    We love campers here at YCO. We have a beautiful riverfront campground with all the free firewood you can burn. You can spend the night before or after your canoe trip or stay a few days and enjoy the Yough River Trail on your bike. If you are a fisherman, you can probably grill fresh fish every night at your campsite.

  13. Do you have a party picnic pavilion ?

    We have a large pavilion with full electic stoves and refrigerators. We also have charcoal BBQ grills. It can handle large groups, and is great for birthday parties, graduation parties, family reunions, and Boy Scout troops.

  14. What Equipment Should We Bring on the Overnight Camping Trip ?

    The most important thing to remember is that you will be camped overnight and it could rain. So, here are some items to keep you comfortable: 1. A Good Waterproof Tent. 2. A Good Rain Suit or Poncho. 3. A Plastic Tarp with Rope to sit under ( you can string this up between 2 trees). 4. A smalll lightweight camp chair. 5. Wax firestarters and charcoal. 6. Sleeping bag, pillow and an airbed with a pump. 7. Headlights and flashlights. 8. Toilet Paper. 9. Charcoal if you are grilling. 10. Bottled Water. 11. Paper plates, paper towels, toilet paper and wetwipes. (You can get all this stuff in the camping section of any Walmart)

  15. How much FUN will we have ?

    The scenery is beautiful and the time with your friends on the river relaxing is absolutely mind blowing.

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