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3755 Library Road Suite 301
Pittsburgh, PA 15234
3755 Library Road Suite 301
Pittsburgh, PA 15234


I was so embarassed that we were having to file bankruptcy but the attorneys at McKay and Associates were so nice to us.  They were very thorough and helped us to get through all the paperwork etc.  I was so confused when we started and we had a million questions and they answered them all very patiently and clearly so that we could understand all the details.  They really made a difficult process much easier.

Donna     South Hills, PA

I had to work with McKay and Associates in regards to a number of things regarding our wills and a power-of-attorney for my mother in law. I knew nothing about the process going in, and they were able to explain it to me in terms that I could understand, as well as walking my husband and I through our various options in terms of our wills. Every phone call was returned promptly and my questions were answered in a way that made me feel comfortable. This was not something I really wanted to do going in, but their help, expertise and knowledge made me feel a lot better that I was in competent hands!

Anna G     Washington County, PA 15301


I recently had an incident where an individual who was drunk attacked a father and daughter.  After getting him back into a corner and him calming down I turned around to leave and hit attempted to hit me over the head with a cast iron chair.  I partially blocked the chair but it still put a huge gash in the side of my head.  I still managed to restrain him until the police arrived and he was arrested.  McKay and Associates Law Firm Pittsburgh immediately went to bat for me to help me get my medicals bills covered and ensure my pain and suffering was covered.  They worked diligently with the DA to help get everything worked out.  It ended up not costing me anything and I got enough to cover all my medical bills plus pain and suffering.  
Everything went incredibly smooth and I really appreciate all your support!

Craig H     Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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3755 Library Road Suite 301
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