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2275 Swallow Hill Road Building 100
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
2275 Swallow Hill Road Building 100
Pittsburgh, PA 15220


Testimonial Overview

"The staff at Nartak are great. They know the demographics, area, product and needs of their clients. They are very easy to work with and are truly concerned about making the most sense and value with your budget."

Allison M. Ruppert    

"Nartak Media Group is an extension of our company - they speak our language, understand our goals and care about the outcome as much as we do. They are also wonderful people who know how to laugh and keep us smiling even in the toughest situations."

Yu-Ling Cheng    

"Nartak Media Group has been an outstanding partner when it comes to fulfilling PIA’s media needs. As the Supervisor of Marketing and Public Relations at PIA, it is extremely important for me to work with positive and hard working people who understand what you need without a lot of explaining. Well Pittsburgh, Nartak has both of those attributes plus they are a lot of fun to work with!"

Lola Suvak    

"Our company has placed our marketing needs with several agencies in the past and have found Nartak to be far above them all in quality of service and value. From developing new brochures to radio and television campaigns to the actual buying of our ads, Nartak Media Group is second to no one. Thanks Larry and Eric for all you do for us at Rome."

John Dioguardi    

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2275 Swallow Hill Road Building 100
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