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Masterbrush Painting Pittsburgh

4.6 Star Rating
4.6 stars - based on 5 Reviews

Jared L.
5 5 Stars
May 1, 2015

Masterbrush Painting Pittsburgh

Masterbrush painted the interior of our house and helped us with the choice of the color of the paint. Henry did an excellent job. Him and his team are experts at what they do.
when you walk in the front door the house looks so refreshing and welcomes you right in. We love it.

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Salli B.
5 5 Stars
Apr 1, 2015

Masterbrush Painting Pittsburgh

This was the first time we used Masterbrush of Pittsburgh and the company did a great job. Very neat, the color we wanted, perfect!!! They left the house alot better than it was. Good Team and alot of experience.

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Kelly S
2 2 Stars
Mar 4, 2015

Masterbrush Painting Pittsburgh

I hired Masterbrush to skim coat and sand my newly wall paper removed kitchen. I was in a time crunch and they accommodated the time frame nicely. I was explained the process and how the clean up would work. I asked if all the cabinets would be draped to prevent dust and he agreed. I return after there work I find every single one of my cabinets inside filled with dust and dirt. All my kids items, my glasses, pots, pans, Tupperware etc. So there was no draping to be had. I have had my prior house completely flipped so I know dust can get anywhere but this was unacceptable. They had split 3 of my wooden baseboards and completely broke 2 of them right in half and just left them there. They also did not nail back in 3 additional baseboards and just pushed them back into place all loose and bent. They also broke the vent of my blower above my stove and just left it there. When I called to talk to the owner about this, he talked over me multiple times. Stated that he was doing me a favor by removing the baseboards and that is the right way to do it. Took zero responsibility for anything him or his crew did and told me if they did not remove some of the baseboards I would of been complaining anyways. All that he said he would do is come back and put the baseboards that were not in tact back on which I declined. And to boot I still had to pay full price. I would not recommend this company to anyone as they are sloppy and inconsiderate.

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Kathy B.
5 5 Stars
Jan 2, 2015

Masterbrush Painting Pittsburgh

We had our downstairs painted by Masterbrush and they did a truly beautiful job. He blended the colors of the rooms so they accented each other. No mess or clean up of any kind. A true professional and master of his trade.

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Pat P.
5 5 Stars
Jul 15, 2014

Masterbrush Painting Pittsburgh

This is the third time we have had Master Brush do work for our company. Each time their creativity in color brings the office to life. It even effects the employees in a positive light. They love the new colors and seem more alert and eager to work.

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Henry is the Owner of MasterBrush Painting McMurray and he says, "This is the backbone of our business, we make sure that every single customer is a referring customer!" We are fully insured and bonded with Worker's Compensation and Business Liability. Henry continues to work with his crew every day, overseeing every detail, no matter how small. Henry's crew is made up- of honest clean cut and hard working men. When it comes to your home our crew maintains quietness, efficiency, consideration, and overall professional behavior.

  • Our Company is Owner Operated Daily
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  • Over 32 Years of Expertise
  • Employees are All Seasoned Professional

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