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201 E Pleasant Valley Blvd
Altoona, PA 16602
201 E Pleasant Valley Blvd
Altoona, PA 16602


Testimonial Overview

This summer I began searching for the right place to install an inground pool in my home. I shopped around some of the bigger retailers and found nothing but high prices and employees that would have been better qualified to work at mcdonalds. 

I was ready to give up and just buy my kids a crappy inflatable pool, but then a friend told me about Pool Nation. I was naturally skeptical, but I figured they could't be any worse than the others so I stopped by, and the be frank, I was blown away.

Not only did their very well informed staff guide me smoothly through the whole process, but they did it for a fraction of the price some of the other stores wanted. I would absolutely recommend pool nation to a friend and they are now my go to for all of my pool needs.

Eric     Altoona, PA

Some may call me old fashioned but i appreciate a good local business over these big chains any day. pool nation was fast, friendly, smart, and cheap and they are basically right in my backyard, it was a win win.

Herbert     Altoona, PA

My inground pool was already there when I moved into my home. It was in a state of disarray. Numerous tiles were missing, the walls were stained, the pump and drains were clogged. It was a mess and it looked like no one had done a thing to maintain it in years. I went to Pool nation a few miles up the road and in no time they had this monstrosity of a pool looking brand new and safe to swim in, I admit I was intimidated by the prosepect of trying to fix the pool up and not spend more than the cost of my house, but pool nation made it easy and inexpensive and I will be going back.

Mary     Bellwood, PA

I can't say enough how happy I am with Pool Nation of Altoona. When our above ground pool needed service, they were more than happy to come out and take a look at it. The pool technician that came to our house was very friendly and cordial and was very respectful of our home. You could tell he was very passionate of his work. All in all, I only have great things to say about Pool Nation of Altoona and would defiently use them again, and also tell family and friends about them

Chuck Finnley     Altoona, PA 15017

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Phone: 814-940-8188
201 E Pleasant Valley Blvd
Altoona, PA
16602, US

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