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The Six Pieces of the Search Magnet Local™ Program

  • Website Activity & Integration
    Through integration of multiple modules and your consistent activity, our program helps invite search engines to re-index your site more frequently. Publishers, like Google, want activity and new content to rank you online. Our program gives you the ability to provide Google with what they want, as well as integration of web tools your website needs, to help win new clients.
  • Internet Real Estate
    Our program ties you in to over 210 Directories, News Feeds, and other sources, to increase and showcase your presence on the Internet.
  • Mobile Technology
    Over 55% of local searches on the Internet are conducted from Mobile Devices. Search Magnet Local includes a Mobile Website with marketing technology that helps promote your business.
  • Online Credibility
    A good online reputation is critical. Our modules, such as Online Reviews, Testimonials, and highlighted business overviews, will provide invaluable long-term results for your continued strong online credibility.
  • Social Media
    Our program allows for the Integration of Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and more. Allow us to set up your businesses Facebook Fan Page, Twitter and other social spaces your business needs to stay competitive. Online users spend more time on Facebook today then on Google.
  • Tracking & Statistics
    Our system provides you cutting edge tracking, including visits to your website, form submissions, mobile website stats, Facebook, keywords used, and much more. New technology can be added for tracking and recording phone calls (on average, 70% of website conversions happen through a phone call).

Search Magnet Local® Modules

Search Magnet Local Modules

Coupons/Promotions/Specials Module:
This module allows you to create coupons and specials that easily display on your Search Magnet Local® Microsite. The system includes a javascript code which you can place on your primary website, allowing you to display all of your coupons and specials. This allows for centralized updates of all your specials, promotions and coupons.

Document Library Module:
This module allows you to upload your documents onto your Search Magnet Local® Microsite quickly and easily, making them instantly available to your clients! The library allows you to include the title of the document and an overview of what is contained in the document.

FAQs Module:
This module allows you to create based on category multiple FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and display them not only on your Primary Search Magnet Local Site but also they will display on your Mobile Site.

Gallery Module:
This module allows you to upload images to display on your Search Magnet Local® Microsite. It includes an automatic slideshow, thumbnails of the images, titles of the images and a section to write an overview describing the image. We also include java code that allows you to display a gallery onto your primary website, as well.

Press Release/News Post Module:
This module allows you to post press releases to your Search Magnet Local® Microsite. These are then reviewed by our team and, if appropriate, published to over 30 RSS news feeds. The press releases also include a code that allows you to display your press releases on your primary website!

Reviews Module:
This module allows for your clients and customers to post reviews on your products and services. The module allows for you to make comments on reviews, and the reviews are then submitted to Google to either be turned on or off as required.

Testimonials Module:
This module allows for you or your clients to add testimonials to your website. Each testimonial submitted via your Search Magnet Local® Microsite requires your approval before it is displayed. The module also comes with code that allows you to display your testimonials on your primary website as well.

QR Barcode Module:
This module has a built in QR Code advertisement for you to market you promotions and videos. By utilizing this module, any smartphone that scans the code will be taken to your videos or specials that are displayed on your mobile website.

Social Media Module:
This module allows you to integrate Social Media into your Search Magnet Local® Microsite. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Blog, YouTube, LinkedIn, and MySpace. And, if you wish, can display you Facebook Fanpage posts directly on your page.

Google Plus Submissions

Google Plus Submission:

What is Google PlusGoogle Plus, allows business owners to edit the content of their existing listing, or to add a brand new listing to Google’s local database. By ensuring that basic information is up-to-date and providing additional details, like photos, hours and coupons, business owners can stand out on the map to attract more customers.

We take care of the hassle of getting your listing submitted or claimed on Google Plus. Not only do we take care of getting your Google Plus, we also provide the following:


Search Magnet Local Profile Site

Search Magnet Local Profile Page Example

The example site to the left is included as part of your Search Magnet Local™ Program

Create a search engine friendly website to generate responses: such as phone calls, web leads, emails and walk-in customers.

Once the site is live, you’ll get access to an Digital HI™ Technology Console giving you the ability to edit your site whenever you’d like, add or change coupons, and access to your reports to see how your site is doing and more!.

Easy Updates
Making changes is easy using our online interface!

Change Your Design
All it takes is the push of a button.We have a library of templates to choose from that is constantly being updated.

Now You’re Permanent
Customers can add you to their cell phone through a quick click. They’ll never need to look for you again when they want to re-order. We also submit your site to all of the major GPS navigation systems like MapQuest, OnStar, TomTom, and many more.

Designed For Customers
When people are looking for a local product or service, they want it now. The website layout is designed to give customers the information they need, to choose your business or product immediately – phone number, map, hours and specific information about what you offer.

Social Media Integration
One central location to update your Blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Our system also displays your Facebook on your Search Magnet Local ® Profile Page. All News Articles are submitted to News Feeds throughout the internet.

Rotator Image Library
Over 1200 images to select from in your Search Magnet Local’s™ Image Library that you can use in your rotator. Choose from our library, or upload your own (authorized licensing and size restrictions apply).

QR Code Integration
You get QR Barcode system within Search Magnet Local™. This gives SML clients the ability to utilize this powerful system to connect users to their clients specials, promotions and videos quickly and effectively.
QR Code to Search Magnet Local Video
More About QR Codes

Submission of Your Search Magnet LocalTM Website

Directory Submissions
We’ll add your Search Magnet Local™ website to over 210 of the top business directories, GPS navigation systems, news/feeds services and directory 411 services, including:

  • Google Places
  • Yahoo! Local
  • Yelp
  • Yellow Book
  • Yellow Pages
  • Super Pages
  • Merchant’s Circle
  • Thomas Net
  • Ask
  • City Search
  • Localeze
  • True local
  • 411 Mobile Phone Directories and more..

Plus, we’ll add your business to GPS / Map Systems

  • MapQuest
  • OnStar
  • tomtom
  • Lowrance
  • TeleAtlas
  • ViaMichelin
  • and more
  • Ask about the Canadian Directories – for Canadian Businesses

Advanced Statistical Reporting

You’ll never be in the dark on how your site is performing.
Access your reporting anytime and see:

  • What Search Words (Keywords) Were Used To Find You
  • Site Refers – If You Have A Website or Multiple Websites Linked From Your Directory Website, You’ll See Which Is More Effective At Attracting Prospects.
  • Search Engine Details – What Brings Visitors To Your Website?
  • Page Views- Total Page Views Per Month- Page Views Month Comparison
  • What Pages Visitors Went To – Home, News, Testimonials, News, Specials, Gallery, Contact… so you know what customers are most interested in, and where they spend their time, when on your site.
  • Refer Friend – How many potential clients sent a referral to their friends of your profile website.
  • Sent to Cell Phone – How many potential clients sent your contact info to their cell phone.
  • Went to Your Primary Website – How many potential clients clicked on the links on your profile website, in order to go to your primary website.
  • Filled Out Contact Form – How many customers filled out your online website form.
  • Got Directions – How many customers clicked on your directions link.
  • Social Media – How many customers clicked on Facebook, Twitter, Blog, YouTube, LinkedIn …
  • Mobile Phone Calls – How many customers called you from your Mobile SML Website …

Upgrades and Add-ons!

On-line Menu System

Online Menu System

online ordering
Our system is capable of handling online ordering. We will work with your online ordering provider to integrate your online ordering system.

If you don’t have a provider we have a business partner that has an online ordering system that can be integrated within your business! They handle businesses all around the country!

The three basic methods of integration:

  • Direct URL Link to 3d Party Provider
  • Diamond Choice Inc
  • Java Script or Iframe Integration

Please talk to one of our Reps for more details!

Online Menu Edit and Display Feature

Digital HI™ Technology - Online Menu Editing Function

The Online Menu Module is utilized as a central module that can display your restaurant menu on your Search Magnet Local Listing, your Mobile Search Magnet Local Website and Your Primary Business Website! You edit the menu from the Web Marketing Console, and all menus are updated instantly.

  • Category Creation: This allows you to have as many categories of food items as you need.
  • Category Description: Used to add information pertaining to a category item.
  • Add Item: Used to add individual items underneath a particular category.
  • Item Short Description: This is a short description to explain what the item is.
  • Full Description (optional): This is for a more detailed description about the item, if needed.
  • Tags (optional): You can select Spicy, Low Carb or nothing at all. These will display either a Chili Pepper (spicy) or Heart (low carb) to denote what it is. If “none” is selected, then nothing is displayed.
  • Select Multi Price: This is where you can select and title multi pricing. For example, you can select pricing for either a half hoagie, or whole hoagie. You can have as may prices as needed.
  • Image Display: You can upload a picture of the product that can be displayed on the menu, allowing visitors to see what the item looks like.
  • Order of Items: The system allows for selecting the order of categories, as well as the order of the individual items.
  • Auto Save: You can turn on the Auto Save function so that the system will automatically save your work, every 5 minutes! .