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1 Forsythe Rd
Presto, PA 15241

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Cure My Score Pittsburgh

4.9 Stars - based on 5 Reviews

Jack C.

Grove City

Thanks team

Rated 5 Stars on Mar 15, 2018
(Google Review) Cure my Score did exactly what they said they would do-- Improve my credit rating substantially so that I could refinance and save thousands of dollars. They do it without a lot of fanfare and bother; they are truly professionals. Don't think you can do it on your own (like I did at first); this is an esoteric and narrow field of expertise- Cure My Score has that. Plus they CARE. I could not recommend them any higher.

Nanci Butler Favers

Avalon, PA

Cure My Score Pittsburgh

Rated 5 Stars on Mar 7, 2018
(Facebook) My husband and I use this company to cure our credit a couple years ago after a year my husband's credit went up over 300 points and is still doing well I don't stay up on mines as much as he does but my credit is doing well also. So just to say thank you to the cure my score team. Also just a few months ago I needed a phone number of a creditor not only did they remember me, they found all the information that I needed and gave it to me and told me to call them if I ever need them it was a phenomenal experience with them I recommend them and would recommend them to anyone I came in contact it, with credit problems. Thanks again

Randy Heath


Cure My Score Pittsburgh

Rated 5 Stars on Feb 23, 2018
(Facebook Review) The staff at cure my score is amazing. This company is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond for their clients. I had a credit score and report that I thought was unfixable, but with cure my scores help my new mortgage loan is closer then I ever dreamed. I HIGHLY RECOMEND cure my score. Oh and one of the best things is that A REAL LIFE PERSON answers the phone EVERTIME you call during normal business hours. If you want to increase or fix your credit score this is the best $89 a month you can spend. THANK YOU CURE MY SCORE!!!

McDonald Mark

Marco Island

Cure My Score Pittsburgh

Rated 5 Stars on Sep 12, 2016
I am buying a house. While obtaining financing, I became aware of an, illegitimate, $65,000 unpaid balance on my credit score. I called and it was removed from my credit score in less than two months. Thank you!
Owner Response:
Thanks, we hope your family loves your knew dream home by the beach. Keep up the great work.
Sep 15, 2016

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Dan Harmon


Cure My Score Pittsburgh

Rated 5 Stars on Sep 29, 2015
Great company. Chris is extremely knowledgeable and was able to help me and my family in a very difficult time.

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