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1500 Ellsworth Avenue Suite 205R
Carnegia, PA 15106
1500 Ellsworth Avenue Suite 205R
Carnegia, PA 15106

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Cure My Score Pittsburgh

4.8 Stars - based on 5 Reviews

Jill Porter

Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania

Cure My Score Pittsburgh

Rated 5 Stars on Apr 20, 2018
(Google Review) I had a situation on my credit where a large company was not investigating a charge that was incorrect. Instead they were requesting that I pay the charge and when I would not pay this charge until they researched it they began sending my account to various collections agencies. I fought this for years as it pulled my credit score down. I always had a strong credit score and this was so infuriating that they were allowed to do this. Cure My Score was recommended to me and after speaking with them I thought it was well worth it considering all the time I had invested with no success in clearing the charge. They provided great advice and fought for the charge to be removed...and finally it is. Their staff were always polite, responsive and seemingly always working to try and resolve this outlier on my credit. I appreciated their efforts.

Brandi Clarit

Coraopolis PA

Cure My Score Pittsburgh

Rated 3 Stars on Apr 18, 2018
(Facebook review) CMS is a great company to work with. You're given all the tools to help better your credit in no time.

Jason Prosser

Pittsburgh, PA

Cure My Score Pittsburgh

Rated 5 Stars on Apr 16, 2018
(Facebook Review) The place is great. ( not a scam!! ) like alot of other credit repair places. I used them and my score went up 100 points and now i have perfect credit. If you need alittle help with your credit i strongly recommend that you trust and use them. Great service and the cost is based on your credit everyone is different. My score went up like I mentioned within 6 months. It dosent happen overnight but they definitely do a great job!


Irwin, PA

Cure My Score Pittsburgh

Rated 5 Stars on Apr 11, 2018
(Better Business Bureau Review) This company is great! My credit was very challenging and had many issues. I was nervous about talking to someone about it. Cms couldn't have been nicer. They helped with all of my issues. After 6 months I was able to purchase a house. This company actually changed my life.

Doug Monroe

Cure My Score Pittsburgh

Rated 5 Stars on Mar 19, 2018
I am president and founder of Turnkey Enterprises LLC a Real Estate investment company, mostly involved with residential properties for over 20 plus years.
Over those 20 years I have come to realize the importance of improving peoples credit scores, as well as receiving the much needed help in removing unjust and unfair remarks on peoples credit reports so that that they can realize the American dream of owning their own home and/or the security of investing wisely in the Real Estate market to secure their future financially.
I depend on Cure my score as my one and only go to company for those services, personally and for any clients that I come across in my daily activities.
Nobody does it better. Nobody does it as smoothly and efficiently, or with anywhere near the Customer Satisfaction when it comes to friendly, meaningful advice and assistance.
Every one of the clients that I have referred to Cure My Score have been 100% unanimously delighted with their results.
I CAN NOT RECOMMEND CURE MY SCORE HIGHLY ENOUGH! A perfect 10 out of 10 in my book.
I have tried other services in the past with no where near the results that they deliver.
Since finding Cure My Score several years ago I have never used anyone else and going forward I can promise I won't be using anyone else.
When you have a great thing why mess with success?
Give them a go, you will be very glad that you did.

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Phone: 412-564-5370
1500 Ellsworth Avenue Suite 205R
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