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1717 Penn Ave., Suite 320
Pittsburgh, PA 15221
1717 Penn Ave., Suite 320
Pittsburgh, PA 15221


Cleaning Services
  • Green Cleaning Available - Utilizing industry leading "Green" Cleaning Agents which are biodegradeable,
  • hypo-allergenic, safe for pets & kids.
  • Maid Service Cleaning - Customized Cleaning.  What's Your Cleaning Pet Peeve?  We'll handle it. Weekly, Bi Weekly, or Monthly.
  • Common Area Cleaning - Keep Your Building Looking & Smelling Good. Lobbies, Bathrooms, Hallways, Stairwells, Laundry Rooms on Regular Scheduled Service.  Weekly, Bi-weekly, or Monthly.
  • After Construction Cleaning - Got Dust? Remodeling or New Construction? Let us Put the Sparkle on your Project.  Home Owners, Project Manager's, Construction Companies, & More.  We have the experience to work around crews and meet deadlines.
  • Hoarder / Health Hazard Cleaning - Overwhelmed? Allow our patience & experienced staff assist to restore your Healthy Living Environment. Nursing Home Coordinators, In home Agencies, Governement Agencies, & Individual Referals.  
  • Interior / Exterior Pressure Wash Cleaning - High Pressure Cleaning for those stubborn stains or surfaces. Need a Basement or Garage Cleaned Out?   Do You have Mildew or Rain Run Off?  Up to 2 stories High.
  • Excessive Trash & Debris Removal - Allow us to help you Pick up.  We can coordinate labor, containers, or truck hauling of any and all debri.


Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
  • Truck Mount Steam Carpet Cleaning - Industry & Carpet Manufacturer's Preferred Method of Carpet Cleaning.  Our equipment cleans at 180 - 220 Degrees.  Our Process Includes a Pre-Treat, Neutralizing Cleaning, & Dry Vaccum Extraction. 
  • Residential, Commercial, & Industrial - All types of carpeting from plush, berber, frize, oelefin, commercial, some area rugs, and more.. We clean anything from homes, vacant homes / apts, bowling alleys, bars, restaraunts, schools, hotels, box stores, and more...
  • Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning - Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning of couches, sofas, love seats, chairs, recliners, dining chairs, office chairs, & more...All furniture must be inspected for manufacturer cleaning tag approval.  We clean a variety of fabrics but do not clean silk and other non-wetting sensitive fabrics. 
  • Certified IICRC & Trained Techicians - Our technicians go to ongoing training for chemical solutions to preferred cleaning methods.  We prefer to clean your house they way we would want someone to clean ours. 
  • Pre-Spot & Stain TreatmentWe pre-treat the entire surface area to loosen soil and debri.  In addiition we use highly efffective spotters for specific stains like paint, ink, gum, cofee, red, yellow, etc..
  • Power Scrubbing & Bonnet Cleaning Available - Deep Cleaning technique required to loosen soil prior to extracting.  Commonly performed on under maintained commercial carpeting.  Bonnet Extraction is a common application following steam extraction of highly soiled commercial carpeting requiring an additional step. 
  • Pet Odor Removal - Commonly eliminated with our high performaning intitial cleaning and complimentary deodorizer.  If persistant odors remain we can treat specific areas with an enzyme reducing odor eliminator.
  • Hypo-Allergenic - Kid - Pet Friendly - Our rinsing agent is for all types of people and those sensitive to chemical usage.  You also can specifically request for pre-spotters that also meet your specific needs.
  • Green Cleaning Available - We strategically use a rinsing agent that is safe for all environments.  Please be specific on your requests and we can be sure to provide alternate pre-spray and spotters. 
  • Carpet Installation & Repairs - If your carpet is worn, needs repaired, stretched or in need of replacement we can recommend highly qualified vendors we work with. 

Hard Floor Cleaning Services
  • Steam Cleaning of Tile & Grout-Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning at 180-220 degrees.  Includes a self contained pressure washing of the floor at approx 800-1000 psi and extraction.  Good On Ceramic and Porcelein Tiles & Grout.  Can not steam clean any previously waxed grout.  Not available for Marble, Granite, or Slate.
  • Residential, Commerical, & Industrial-Kitchens, Bathrooms, Entry Ways, Lobbies, Schools, Restraunts, etc..
  • Pre-Spot & Stain Treatment -High Pressure pre spot spray to loosen soil and pre-scrub agitation of all tile and grout lines for optimal cleaning. 
  • Sanitizing & Disenfecting -High Pressure Cleaning, Extraction, and Steam Cleaning can help ensure healthy enviroments.  In addition to sanitizing and cleaning the area there are significant odor improvements.
  • Stripping and Waxing -Stripping off remaining wax and applying new coats of wax.  Coverage customized for each floor.  We also provide scrubbing, sealing, and waxing of new floor installations.  Service designed for commercial vinly tile, rubber tile, and any flooring surface that can be waxed. 
  • Cleaning of Quarry, Terrazzo & Hard Surface Floors -Machine scrubbed stone floors and thoroughly rinsed with a neutral cleaner.  Found mostly in industrial and larger commmercial buildings. 
  • Hardwood Floors Reconditioning - Machine scrubbed, rinsed, and water based finished applied.  Does not include any sanding or restaining.  Perfect for cosmetic reconditioning of cleanliness or shine. 
  • Concrete Surfaces -Machine scrubbed, steam cleaned, and/or pressure washed.  Pre-spot spray, agitation, and cleaning.  Ideal for Commercial Entrances, Sidewalks, Garages, Basements, & Driveways.

Senior & Estate Services
  •     Estate Cleanouts / Debris Removal -Removal of All remaining unwanted items from the estate. 
  •    Regulary Scheduled Maid Service -Keep you or loved one's home a clean healthy environment.  We can provice a regular scheduled Maid Service Cleaning customized for your preferences. 

Interior / Exterior Painting
  • Interior / Exterior
  • Choice of Colors and Finish
  • Green / Low Odor Paints Available
  • Minor Repairs & Maintenance
  • Basement Waterproofing Paint
  • Deck Restoration / Re-Staining


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1717 Penn Ave., Suite 320
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