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Clarkin Family Chiropractor Oakdale

4.9 Star Rating
4.9 stars - based on 5 Reviews

Daniel Miller
5 5 Stars
Mar 19, 2016

Clarkin Family Chiropractor Oakdale

Have been having pain in shoulders and arms. Never been to a chiropractor before but my mother highly recommended him. Has made me feel comfortable from the start and I feel 100% better.

5 5 Stars
Mar 8, 2016

Clarkin Family Chiropractor Oakdale

best chiropractic care i have ever received. Would recommend his services to anyone. very friendly and concerned with you and the care he provides.

Bruce Colwell
5 5 Stars
Jun 14, 2015

Clarkin Family Chiropractor Oakdale

Thank you, Mike, for straightening my back! I've been going to chiropractors on and off for years and Mr. Clarkin is the first one that provided lasting results. I used to go to (Previous Guy) once a week or once every other week. Now I only have to go once a month or just when I'm in pain! Soon I will only have to go a few times a year for maintenance. AND it's only $125 for 8 visits! Best of both worlds. Thanks again, Mike!

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Sara G.
5 5 Stars
Nov 3, 2014

Clarkin Family Chiropractor Oakdale

Dr. Mike Clarkin really helped me with my back pain without drugs. His "No Surgery" approach was very effective and I am proof of that. He even made some recommendations on my food intake and what I was eating. He relieved my back pain and that in itself was a blessing.

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5 5 Stars
Oct 6, 2014

Clarkin Family Chiropractor Oakdale

My boyfriend actually took me here for a surprise. I was in a bad wreck in late June and been having problems with my upper back, mainly the right side. Well, he fixed my back right up. And, I went back the very next day to have it aligned again. I highly highly advise for anyone having issues in thier, neck, lower back, to go here. 5 stars across the board.

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  • Voted #1 the past 2 years (Oakdale, Imperial, McDonald) Silver award 2009 Western Allegheny Co. Readers Choice. 
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