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Our Testimonials!
  • I would like to say THANK YOU for all you have done for Michael and Christopher. They will cherish everything you taught them for all their lives and they thank you for everything.

    Elias A., Pittsburgh, PA 15226

  • Max and mom ( and dad ) have been very happy with his progress in your Little Dragon's program.

    I believe we would like to renew for another several month session.  He has been practicing hard via your DVD.

    Thank you!!

    Joanna K., Pittsburgh, PA 15228

  • Just wanted to let you know that your new websites are terrific!

    Wayne G., Coal Center, PA 15423

  • You guys are amazing teachers and have a wonderful school.  We are very thankful for everything that you have done for us in regards to getting Shea on the right track.

    Rachel & Chris, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

  • We were all very pleased with our last visit to your school. You work very well with the kids.

    Thank you for your time, special consideration, and flexibility regarding classes

    Theresa & Liz, McKeesport, PA 15133

  • I can't believe how quickly 6 months went by! Or how much Isaac has grown in the program in this past year. 

    Natasha, Pittsburgh, PA 15226

  • I certainly appreciate all that you do and hope you understand all that you have done for us.  Adam really, really enjoys having you as his teacher, and with your busy schedule we appreciate you working with us and teaching him his private lessons.  We cannot even begin to let you...
    Tracy H., Pittsburgh, PA 15226

  • Mr. O.

    We wanted to take this time to thank you for the wonderful job that you do with the Little Dragon Program!  Our Colby puts his heart into every little thing that he does and it's because of people like you and PKA, that Karate is a Big part of his life.  We...
    Mary Kay, Pittsburgh, PA 15226


    You taught me SOOOO much and I now look at things in such a different manner thanks to people like you and the staff at PKA.  Thanks to everyone!

    Janice, Bridgeville, PA 15017


    My Patrick respects you and listens to what you have to say.  You are one of the few.  Thanks for that!  I really appreciate you as well!

    Thanks for everything.

    Lucy F., Pittsburgh, PA 15228


    I appreciate the great opportunity to help out by instructing at your academy.  Plus all the knowledge that you have given me.  Your instruction and insight into kenpo is great, I can see this in your students.  I hope to eventually return to help out when I...
    Joey, Philadelphia, PA 19116


    Thank you for your efforts, ability and patience to work with our Sean and keep him focused and moving onward in his learning.  You bring him joy each week.  It's priceless and for that we are truly greatful.  Sean has never had anything outside of...
    Diane H., Pittsburgh, PA 15226

  • You are just a great teacher!  I watch, I learn, I emulate.  I pick up things from you all the time.  And of course from the others.  Honestly, you have given me a great gift over the past few years by helping me to restore my self confidence.  I'm on the road!

    Andrea, Pittsburgh, PA 15216

  • Hey man thanks for yet another GREAT class!  You guys really know how to keep us involved and interested!

    Stay safe!

    Rich V., Upper St. Clair, PA 15241


    You have a fantastic school!  And you are an amazing teacher!  We are very excited to have you as Shea's teacher and for everything that you have done to help us with him in getting him on the right track.

    Thanks again for everything!

    Rachel & Chris, Pittsburgh, PA 15216

  • I initially came to PKA Karate in Pittsburgh for a fun workout in kickboxing, however, after just my first month you guys really blew me away.  The experience level of these instructors and their guidance is awesome!  The classes allow everyone to grow at their own pace.  The...
    Veronica, Bethel Park, PA 15102

  • You mean a lot to Ayden and our family.  In fact, all of your instructors give off this's like a zen-like quality with strength and power.  Your comments to the boys are awesome!  Your instructors give really encouraging remarks that make a solid impact on...
    Lori M., Bethel Park, PA 15102

  • All of the instructors at PKA Karate are second to none.  Mr. O., Mr. Metz and Miss Bonnie make the instructions fun, friendly and safe.  It's a great experience!

    Always looking forward to seeing you in classes!

    CJ's Parents (Bonnie & Chuck), Pittsburgh, PA 15226

  • Wanted to let you understand just how fired up me and my sister are that we now are at PKA Karate.  We are so happy and impressed with what you showed us tonight in our classes.  In fact, what you showed us in one hour was more than we learned at almost 2 years of taking classes...
    Breanna K., North Fayette, PA 15057


    Chad is really fired up about PKA Karate and about you and the others.  I think we can say that after his trial period, he'll be staying.  Chad has received a great amount of physical and mental benefits from his 5 years of karate (and loved it), but his...
    Melanie H., Pittsburgh, PA 15241


    Thanks for all that you teach her, she values her time greatly at PKA and continually learns SO MUCH!

    Sincerely with friendship

    Chris (Makayla's Gram), Pittsburgh, PA 15220

  • The PKA Karate Academy is just an outstanding school for hands-on, practical, street training and self-defense along with health and fitness.  The instructors are more than that...they are actually teachers, as well as students themselves.  Their love of the art is very...
    Dave D., Pittsburgh, PA 15228


    I have to thank you for being so very patient with him.  You are such a wonderful instructor and teacher.  I am always impressed with how you handle the students.  You are so professional.  Have a nice week and see you on Wednesday.

    JoAnn, Pittsburgh, PA 15227


    Thank you for being willing to talk about a very important and very sensitive subject.  And also for doing it so well.

    Please be well.

    Bob S., McMurray, PA 15317

  • Justin and I are very happy that we have found awesome teachers at the PKA Karate Academy.  Yes our little one is very comfortable with Ms. Andrea, but she always talks about you.  And just yesterday, she was talking about Mr. M.  We do feel that she's great and doing...
    Carrie & Justin, Pittsburgh, PA 15216


    Just wanted to thank you so much for teaching Chloe & Ryan.  You hold the kids up in such a high standard, and we're so proud of both of them.  Chloe has always be the super-coordinated one and the younger, Ryan, gets bummed when he cannot keep up with...
    Deb L., Pittsburgh, PA 15226

  • Thanks to PKA Karate for putting on the Silver-Sneaker Kenpo Class at the PNC YMCA in Downtown Pittsburgh.  We had great reviews.  One even said, "It was the BEST class we've ever planned."

    YMCA Activity Director

    Cindy Clark, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

  • Thank you so much.  Your support is truly appreciated.  We are so incredibly pleased with the progress that Jonah has made with you guys.  He is honestly loving every class.  When he comes home we always have to go through all of the drills again so he can teach us and...
    Megan, Pittsburgh, PA 15226

  • Matthew loves it there. and he really respects you guys. You've made a positive impact on his behavior. I'm actually surprised at how focused and engaged he is during class. You've pretty much stopped his bad habit of getting in someone's face. I really liked when you had him admit...
    Steve M., Pittsburgh, PA 15236

  • My grandson Austin recently started classes and I have to say that I am so impressed by all the staff!! Of course it is a learning experience for the art of Karate but it is much more than that. They care about each individual pupil AND their family!! They do things that include the families...
    Randi Scanlon, Pittsburgh, PA 15226

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