Bob moved all of our stuff from our old house to our new one. He moved a piano from the 2nd floor without damaging it or the houses or any of his crew. He moved our picnic table and tons of other furniture and everything we had boxed up. He even rented a truck to honor his commitment for our move date because his had been hit by a car the day before. Bob is a very honest and hard working guy. I highly recommend his moving services and his store is very cool too!

Dino Pandolfo    

This is my new favorite store! I was looking for a few different pieces of furniture but didn't get a chance to get out to the store. The owner took the time to take pictures of all the different pieces of furniture and send them to me so I could find what I was looking for. Once I got out there I found the store was extremely kid friendly with tons of inexpensive things for kids and they even gave out a free toy and lollipop to each kid. Anyone trying to shop with kids can understand how awesome that is! I got several BEAUTIFUL pieces of furniture at such a great deal! To top that they delivered the furniture to my house and even took out the old furniture that was being replaced. Now that's customer service!

Karine Zeff Miller    

Bargain Land is like a new store since the new owner Bob has updated and organized it! He always treats us right anytime we are in there and if your looking for a bargain this is the place to go. He treats people right and makes sure your happy anytime you shop there. My grandfather recently passed away and my grandma was looking for a flag box and she found one there but it wasn't for sale, it was only a display. When I told Bob and his mom why she was asking about it they cleaned it up and gave it to her. It made her night when we gave it to her and we cannot thank you enough for what you did for her. Not to many people would do that today, thank you for your kindness.

Gina Fiorentini-May    

I absolutely LOVE this place!!! Not only did I get two gorgeous pairs of practically brand new heels and two pairs of earrings all for $1 a piece, but we also just purchased a breathtaking French style China Cabinet for an unbelievably low price! The owner is such a sweet, welcoming man! My husband & I are beyond satisfied with our purchases every time we go there, & I would recommend the place to ANYONE!!

Darian Schidek    

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