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Westport Plaza Pain Management Center Kansas City

4 Star Rating
4 stars - based on 5 Reviews

Christopher L
1 1 Stars
Aug 25, 2016

Westport Plaza Pain Management Center Kansas City

If I could give negative stars, I would. One word for these folks: Horrendous.

I just moved here, and went through a two month process to get into this pain management clinic. I have EDS with the chronic pain complication. After filling out the 45 minute online questionnaire, having 6 years of pain management history faxed over, and speaking to 3 different people who told me that I was accepted as a patient, they stopped returning my calls. After 8 weeks of trying, someone finally picked up the line that they had left me voice-mails from. I am guessing accidentally. They told me that it looks like the doctor who 'HAD' experience with my syndrome had left their practice, and now they didn't feel comfortable taking me on. But they were going to talk amongst themselves and give me a call the next morning. That was 2 weeks ago. No one answers the phone when I call now, and zero phone calls have been returned. This is the most unprofessional operation I have ever been associated with.

Melissa N
Kansas City
5 5 Stars
Feb 13, 2013

Westport Plaza Pain Management Center Kansas City

I too was a patient being seen in the office the day the Dr. had to ask the Mother to get control of her child. I have been a patient there for almost 2 years and have never been mistreated by Dr. K or any of his staff. I was myself aggravated by the child of the Mother who posted the unfair review below there were 2 other little girls as well that were not as loud as the 1. This is a pain management office for people who are in pain not a pediatric office. This is not a 'pill mill' it is a legitimate practice that is for patients that have already had testing , MRI's, and seen primary care Dr's who then refer you out when they have done all that they can for you to pain management for alternatives that they do not offer. I have never had a problem reaching the office manager John both during and after business hours he has always been availible to me via email which goes directly to his cell that he answers in a timely fashion always has. There is also an answering service that can take care of most any questions that you have. I appreciate that the office keeps my cost down since I do not have insurance by not hiring another employee to answer endless phone calls but instead has an employee John who by himself does the jobs normally done by 3 employees in other offices also having only John to run the office has made any trouble I did have that I needed special considerations for easier since John knows me and has many a time made exceptions for my unusual circumstances. I am more than pleased with the care I recieve from Dr.K and his staff. The day that he had to ask the woman to control her child he was not in my opinion rude however the 2nd time he had to make the request was more stern than the 1st as it should have been when you have to tell someone something twice. I am a Mother and my children have come to my appointment before and they are instructed to sit quietly until we leave and they do so for the woman to not control her child that day to the point that the Dr. had to point it out to her is a reflection of her parenting and not of Dr.K's practice. Please feel free to contact me via email if you have any questiins regarding this incident I will be more than happy to answer them. Thank you

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Kansas City
5 5 Stars
Jan 30, 2013

Westport Plaza Pain Management Center Kansas City

I have been a patient at Westport Plaza Pain Management for over 2 years now and have always had nothing less than excellent care. I was in the office the day that the aforementioned children were there.
They were nice children with a seemingly nice mother but they were being very loud and were obviously disturbing other patients. The doctor did come out of his office into the waiting room and asked the mother or mothers to keep their children under control. When nothing changed the doctor was stern in his second request. Once 2 of the children left and the environment became quiet again I heard 2 other patients say thank god. Before I came to Westport Plaza Pain Management I had been to several doctors that treated my pain and did not attempt to diagnose my condition. Dr. Kuruvilla took a real interest in my case and immediately ordered a battery of tests that revealed what was wrong and changed my treatment regimen. The office has never been dirty since I have been there let alone filthy so I am not sure where that came from. I have interacted with many patients in the office over the years that have shared a similar experience with their office. It disturbs me that a review like this by someone that has never been treated in this office would write a speculative and definitely inaccurate review. I sincerely hope that it does not prevent anyone from getting the care that they need because it simply is not true. I am happy to personally take a phone call or email from anyone that is hesitant to become a patient at Westport Plaza Pain Management. Contact their office for my phone number or email address if you would like to hear of my experience at this office.

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Kansas City
1 1 Stars
Jan 16, 2013

Westport Plaza Pain Management Center Kansas City

1 It appears to be nothing more than a cash- only drug dispensary. Insurance is not accepted. Very little actual medical care provided.
2 OFFICE IS FILTHY. Empty conference rooms filled with empty boxes and medical supplies on floor.
3 The Dr. came out into the waiting room and yelled for me and another mother to keep our kids under control they are 4 y/o and were reading a book together. I left after that.
4 There is no phone number to reach the actual office. The number online is for scheduling only. If you have questions, concerns, adverse reactions, etc. You have to send an email a lengthy address and await their reply.

THIS PLACE IS A SHAM AND they will be reported to the appropriate medical associations.

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Jenifer O'connor
Kansas City
5 5 Stars
Apr 21, 2012

Westport Plaza Pain Management Center Kansas City

After years of being treated by my family doctor with very little improvement, I went to Westport Plaza Pain Management. Dr, Kuruvilla took a real interest in diagnosing the cause of my pain. After 4 weeks he actually diagnosed the cause of my pain and I am now receiving therapy that has already reduced my pain by 50% and am taking less medication than I have in years. The clinic is small, personal and is quick and easy to get in and out of. I would definitely recommend this office!

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