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4.5 Star Rating
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Overview: Beinhauer-Connell Funeral Home Provides Funeral, Cremation, Burial Services in Bethel Park and Surrounding Areas.

Year Established: 1860

Category: Funeral-Home

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Beinhauer-Connell Funeral Services

4.5 Star Rating
4.5 stars - based on 2 Reviews

4 4 Stars
Jul 14, 2017

Larry Gabler

The Funeral Home seemed to have a very relaxed atmosphere despite the large flow of people coming to pay their respects to Officer Scott Bashioum ,They were very organized and helpful . The only negative point was parking for severely handicapped and the older senior citizens close to the building , I'm sure a few more designated parking spaces would solve the problem. In my opinion they did a fine job given the circumstances .

5 5 Stars
Jul 14, 2017

Jason Withers

I am a unique individual. I have a strangely grounded reality where I understand that some things in life are part of life and a funeral is simply one of them. From start to finish of one of the most painful things someone can go through is death. I found Beinhauer to be supportive, paced, and on top of everything we could ask for. I can not think of a better way to show my appreciation to the team, from Steve, Tina, Scott, and everyone else who helped us through this ordeal. Really you lose a loved one and all you want is for some magical time to spend with them that you will never receive. The best that one can hope for is peace of mind and a smooth parting. I can see why some may become upset at receiving a request for information on how they preformed their duties, but how else will they improve? I never wanted to give my opinions out, but I have found that by sharing our experiences we can help one another to grow. The Bienhauer family and their business has a thankless job. They deal with all of us who are breaking down and stand by to do the best they can to help us in again one of the most painful moments of our lives. And guess what no matter how you think of them, all of us will some day be in a funeral home while our loved ones say their goodbyes I only hope people with the same spirt as Beinhauer's team are there to help my family.
Thank you for everything
Jason Withers