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119 Ormsby Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15210
119 Ormsby Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15210

 Pittsburgh Drain Guys
 Pittsburgh Drain Guys
 Pittsburgh Drain Guys
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Pittsburgh Drain Guys

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Horrible Neighbors

Rated 1 Stars on Dec 12, 2020
Horrible neighbors. They located their business in a very residential area of Mt. Oliver. They are noisy, running equipment all hours of the day. They park their equipment and trucks on the sidewalks-forcing people to either cross the street or walk in the street. They have a huge parking lot fenced in across from their business, but still park on the sidewalks. They're not residential friendly.

Stephen Guarino


downspout diversions and French drains

Rated 5 Stars on Apr 6, 2019
The Drain Guys are a dynamic team.

Our basement has flooded as long as I can remember. One night my mom and I spent 13 hours nonstop bailing water using 12-gallon wet vacs.

I had had enough, and Pittsburgh Drain Guys came highly recommended. I called and left a message with Mike William’s office; they returned my call promptly, and, in no time Mike was at my house for a consultation. It turns out Mike remembered doing a smaller job for us years back.

I fear an inside French drain; this is an old house, and, I have allergies.

The day of the consult Mike devised a water diversion system surrounding the outside of my house, he then drew up a plan and showed us, the visual was detailed and we quickly followed his rather in-depth plan. At this point, we had no doubts or concerns and moved forward with this.

The work began quickly, my yard was dug up around my house, and the team inserted various French drains and other water collecting and releasing devices underground.

Also, my back cement patio was lifted and re-leveled away from my house; and, my windows wells were restored, filled with stone and heavy duty well window covers set in place. And, downspout diversions were part of the plan as well

Mike restored my yard utilizing peat moss and grass seed.

What amazes me is, I consider, this to be a `big job` and the job was complete in 3 days, despite unfavorable weather.

Mike’s work ethic is to [start and finish] a job efficiently and quickly; and, he and his team do just that!

The team as a whole is well groomed, pleasant and considerate of my needs and my property

Tom & Kathy Duda

Green Tree, PA

Excellent work

Rated 5 Stars on Sep 7, 2018
We were dire need of a correction of a water problem in our backyard...we tried several South Hills companys to no avail (I wish I could name and rate them here)...anyways, after seeing their web site, we gave them a call...response was quick...gave us a a fair estimate and the work was scheduled...a severe storm spoiled their one-day estimated time...work was completed the next day...clean-up was fantastic...the crew was very personable and efficient...We would recommend Pgh Drain Guys to any and all...

Israel Gaither

Upper St Clair Township

Installation of Yard Drain System by Pittsburgh Drain Guys, Pittsburgh, PA

Rated 5 Stars on Apr 12, 2018
I needed to resolve the swampy yard issue in the rear of our home. Mike, from Pittsburgh Drain Guys, proved to be the skilled, trustworthy, professional I required. And he manages a competent, committed team who care about the customer's needs. I had high expectations and I am totally satisfied with the outcome. In fact, to ensure an already quality job, Mike provided - without my request - additional work beyond the scope of our agreement at no add-on cost to me. Who does that?! If you need an exceptional solution to a yard drainage issue....I recommend that you call Mike at Pittsburgh Drain Guys!

D Martin


French Drain

Rated 5 Stars on Sep 11, 2017
Pgh Drain guys installed a drainage system in back yard to prevent puddle formation. Mike and the Crew were knowlegable, professional, courteous and completed the project in a timely manner.

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Our goal is to help achieve and maintain your dream landscape. We specialize in landscape design, french drains and retaining walls. Our experienced staff can help you and provide quality customer services. 


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